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Twitter User, @_ItsMissBre Shares How Her Step-Dad Left The Memory Of An Amazing Valentine On Her Many Years Later

Twitter User, @_ItsMissBre Shares How Her Step-Dad Left The Memory Of An Amazing Valentine On Her Many Years Later

Twitter user @_ItsMissBree, in the spirit of Valentine and spreading love, made an amazing thread of how her stepfather whom she fondly called daddy has been a shining example of what it means to love selflessly.

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Too many people have the most cruel memories of how they were treated by their step parents, but @_ItsMissBre experience is completely different. The Twitter user who is now a mum herself, shared an endearing story of how her step-dad came into their lives over 20 years ago when she was only 8-year-old, with younger siblings aged 7 and 5.

According to her, her mum was a single mother with three kids and sometimes, lack of a babysitter stood in the way of her mum’s relationship with her stepfather and she almost gave up on the relationship but for her step-daddy’s unflinching love and commitment.

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A particular Valentine’s day memory stood out for the Twitter user and now mother-of-one, who recollected with fondness how her step-dad at the inception of his relationship with her mum; took his mum for an expensive dinner along with all three of her kids after an arrangement with a babysitter fell through.

Read her full thread below:

“So I love Valentine’s Day for other reasons. My daddy (well step-dad, but daddy in my heart) Him and my mom’s first Valentine’s Day, she could not find a sitter. He wanted to do something really nice for her because she always had us (LOL). He planned this extravagant dinnerĀ at a fancy restaurant,

gave her money for an outfit, got her hair done, etc… all for her sitter to fall though. So at the time, I was like 8, my sister and brother were 7 and 5. My mom was so bummed. I remember her crying and saying he should date someone who is able toĀ go places and do things, and maybe not someone with three kids.

He didn’t even flinch. He made paper invitations for us (the kids) and told us we were invited to a fancy dinner party. He told us to put on our best outfits and he would call us when it was time to come downstairs

So, he asked my mom to still get dressed for the date. He went out, got takeout from the nice place for all of us and we had a Valentine’s Date all together at the dining room table. I will never forget that. I felt so special. We all got flowers and cards, my brother gotĀ a toy car LOL.

When we came down the stairs, he introduced us and said something about our outfits like it was a fashion show. Man. That shit stuck with me for years. I loved it. I felt so loved and I know my mom did too.”

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