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10 Practical Chores For Your Toddler

10 Practical Chores For Your Toddler

This article is for mums who want to start giving their little ones chores to do but are not sure what practical chores to assign to them. Most children are vocal and mobile at 15 months, this is the age when they begin to show a willingness, sometimes excitement to help with little chores around the home and mums can begin to assign little responsibilities to them from that age.

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If you are trying to get your little ones involved in helping around the house more as part of starting them early on organisation and taking responsibility, here are some chore ideas that toddlers and preschoolers can realistically do and tips to help make them happen.

1. Doing Dishes

Toddlers can realistically do dishes from about 17 months old, all you need to do is to remove knives and other potentially dangerous utensils. They will often require a stool that they can stand on so they can use the sink effectively.

2. Dust

Your toddler probably enjoys doing this already. They can do it more effectively when you point out specific areas you want them to dust. Give them a damp washcloth and remove breakable items in the way of their duty, or you can show them how to gently accomplish their duty without breaking anything.

3. Folding Clothes

Even if it is not neatly done, your 2-year-old can fold hand towels. By the time that they are 3-4 years old, your toddler can neatly fold small towels and small clothes.

4. Help Care For Pets

It makes kids really happy to see that they are responsible for the well being of others even if it’s a pet. Your little toddler can handle small roles in caring for the family pet quite fine.

5. Set/ Clear The Table

Encourage your toddler to set the table and arrange the dining sets for each person, make sure they tidy up their space after eating by taking their used plates, cups, and cutlery to the kitchen sink.

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6. Putting Clothes In The Laundry Basket

If you cannot trust your toddler to turn the right knob on the washing machine, ask them as part of their chores to pick dirty clothes from their rooms, yours or their daddy’s to put in the laundry basket.

7. Make The Bed

Of course it won’t be a perfect try, still send them in to dust and straighten the sheets.

8. Picking Up Litters

Ask them to pick litters around the home and take to the bin, it is a simple chore that your toddler can handle quite conveniently.

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9. Water Plants

If you happen to have a small garden at home or a little plant nursery, you can ask your toddler to water the plants as part of their chores. They will love this particular duty.

10. Mop Off Spills

Spills happen all the time, especially with toddlers but that also means they can help with cleaning and can take responsibility too. You can gently ask them to get the mop-stick or a towel to wipe off the spills.

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That your toddler can do those chores does not mean they will yield to doing them, so here are some tips to help you guide them to doing the chores:

Give It Time: Your kids won’t learn it all or do it all overnight, be patient and watch them continue to make efforts.

Be kind and Drama Free: The less dramatic you make it, the more likely your toddler will do what you want and cultivate positive habits towards doing chores around the home. Most importantly, be kind.

Show Them How and Step Aside: After you have shown them how do to the chores, give room for them to actually try them out and instruct them kindly on how to get it done better next time.

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