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Dear MIMsters: I Offended So Many People Because Of Gift And See How She Repaid Me

Dear MIMsters: I Offended So Many People Because Of Gift And See How She Repaid Me

I got Gift through a colleague at work. I have always insisted on not having a house-help younger than 18-years old and I remember that my friends would always laugh me to scorn and say things like, Amaka, why not say you want a second wife for your husband?” That statement always sounded offensive to me and I never failed to tell them how despicable I found their insinuations. I would reply and say to them: “How do you mean ‘second wife’? That my husband would sleep with her? Why would you even ever allow such thoughts? Why would you allow something so dirty to cross your minds?”

I remember Harriet, my closest colleague at work insisting that Loveth (the one who got Gift for me), must not oblige me. She looked me straight in the eyes, and said to me, “Amaka, men are D-O-G-S! They would sleep with anything that has hole in-between its thighs. Do not tempt Kenneth. I don talk my own o. I repeat, Do Not Tempt Kenneth!”

But did I listen to her?! Looking back now, I have mixed feelings about not heeding to her advice.

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When Loveth brought Gift to me, she was a shabby, frail looking young girl. She claimed to be 18 going on 19. I guess that with the promptings from Harriet, Loveth got the ugliest girl she could find and brought her to me. Talk of people taking panadol for someone else’ headache

When I saw what my besties did, I deliberately decided to clean the girl up. More so, she would be living with me and taking care of my sons so why wouldn’t I do my best for her?!

Gift turned out to be a handy girl. She would always go above and beyond to get tasks done in the house. She was very proactive and so so helpful that in no time, I was relaxed and could trust her with some of my duties in the home.

As far as I was concerned, Gift was a good girl and she could not hurt a fly.

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It all started one weekend when I had to go to work. My sister had come visiting without giving me a heads up. She got to my flat and according to her, she pressed the door bell many times before she was let in. She said my sons were at my neighbours’ playing according to their father while he was alone with Gift in the house. She said she then asked Gift why it took her forever to answer the doorbell but that Kenneth jumped in with some flimsy excuses. She asked me to get rid of Gift before she ended my marriage. Of course, I told her off and asked her to stay away from my house if her thoughts are so warped.

When I returned later in the day, Gift told me in tears how my sister embarrassed her. She told me she was busy cleaning the bathroom when my sister got there so she couldn’t get the door early enough for her. I apologized to her and when Kenneth brought the issue up with me later, he contradicted Gift’s story that she was in the kitchen when Hannah came and started scolding her for not getting the door on time. I also apologized to him and told him I asked Hannah to stay away from my home for nursing such evil thoughts against my husband and my house-help.

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Next was my next door neighbour. Gift reported how my neighbour, Mrs. Alabi’s children removed our wet clothes from the line and caused the colours to run on one another. She said that when she went to report them to their mother, she had slapped her and called her unprintable names. I walked over to her flat and demanded an explanation from her. Mrs Alabi and her daughters swore nothing like that happened but Kenneth corroborated Gift’s story. He further asked Gift to show me the clothes affected. I was livid! I marched back to the Alabis and told the woman off. I told her she was not raising her daughters well and that if she was, they would not have insulted Gift who was older than them. I also told her she had no right to have slapped my house-help. I remember she made a statement that day which I did not take to heart. She said she prays it wouldn’t be too late before I realized my mistakes.

For Gift, I fought everyone who could have told me what was happening in my home and called them envious. My husband supported my actions saying those people were envious of the fact that I got a reliable house-help. I wasn’t going to allow anyone speak ill of Gift because I saw her as a gift to my home. With time, they all stayed away from my home and we had peace though sometimes, my sons (ages 5 & 3) would make some insinuations that ought to have opened my eyes but did I see?

Don’t they say a dog that would be lost would not hear the hunter’s whistle?

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Well to cut my heart shattering long story short, the current situation in what used to be my home is that Gift is carrying Kenneth’s baby and she is now the madam. So I had no choice than to leave with my sons. I have left Kenneth and Gift to God to judge.

I mean, this is the Kenneth who has not been able to hold a job since we got married 6-years ago. I was financially responsible for everything in the house thinking I was being a supportive wife. That was the reason I wouldn’t allow anyone label him because I did not want him to feel like it was because he did not have money of his own.

After I found out that Gift was carrying his baby, he apologized to me and asked that I accommodated Gift till she would put to bed. He promised he would let her go after then but the cursed girl said he promised her marriage and a flat of her own so she had no where to go. Her family members also insisted Kenneth must do right by their daughter. I am certain they had assumed Kenneth was responsible for the luxury they saw around my marriage. Well, let me see how Kenneth would sustain his lifestyle going forward and how he would renew the rent when it’s due.

As for me, I have accepted my folly and I am trusting God for the grace to move on; I only wish I did not offend so many people because of that cursed girl I called, ‘Gift.’

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