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Daddy Freeze Disagrees With Pastor Funke On Tolerate Cheating Husbands In These Words

Daddy Freeze Disagrees With Pastor Funke On Tolerate Cheating Husbands In These Words

Leader of the FreeTheSheeple Nation, Ifedayo Ayorinde aka Daddy Freeze, has reacted to the viral video of one pastor Funke Felix-Adejumo. In the video, the preacher was seen addressing an assembly of women, telling them to not lose sleep over a ‘stupid’ mistress of their husband(s).

She went on to encourage the women to instead invest in their looks and strut with confidence, letting the mistress realise all she has of their husbands is left-over. Read more here.

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Daddy Freeze who is known to not spare pastors and preachers for what he believes to be hypocrisy and passing down misinterpreted bible quotes to their undiscerning congregation  has now reacted to the viral video, pointing out why teachings like that account for 90% of men not showing love or respect to their wives.

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Read what Freeze had to say below:

When the church starts preaching the gospel of Offset and CardiB…

So when your husband comes back home to you and you kiss him, you’ll be tasting her___________(fill in the blanks)

You are not bothered?90% of men who cheat run down their wives, saying crap like; they don’t love their wives who are no longer sexually appealing and are now fat, so while you are strutting around in your new clothes like an anorexic peacock, the other girl is the one laughing her ass off.

This is the ideology of man, NOT of God. If you catch your husband or wife cheating, divorce them and move on, unless they are truly remorseful! ~FRZ

See his original Instagram post:

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