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11 Simple Tips For Re-igniting The Spark in Your Marriage

11 Simple Tips For Re-igniting The Spark in Your Marriage

Marriage is wonderful, but it also takes a lot of work. Think of it as an empty box that you fill up daily, you can’t have in it, what you did not put in it. Each person needs to their own bit to keep things flaming. Get some ideas on re-igniting the spark in your marriage below…

1. Date Night

Even though date nights are not exactly typical or traditional to the average Nigerian couple, it is a very useful gesture when you’re looking to keep the spark in your marriage alive or re-igniting it altogether. A date night doesn’t have to be anything expensive and it doesn’t have to be at the fanciest restaurant in town.

Date nights help you and your spouse relive their courtship days, make it a tradition with your spouse to go on date nights once weekly or once every other week. If you don’t have a nanny, agree with a trusted family member or friend to watch the kids fortnightly when you are on a date.

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2. Spring A Surprise

Make surprises a thing in your marriage. Getting a surprise “Just because I love you” cake from your spouse while you are at the office or vice versa could evoke feelings of love and deep affection in your marriage. It could be a surprise love note in their car or some other place where they can chance upon your thoughtful endearing words.

3. Take A Vacation

A vacation with your loved one is always a good way to relax and rediscover each other. Again, it doesn’t have to be anywhere exotic or expensive. If a week in Casablanca will break the bank, why not try spending a few nights at a hotel in your city. The kids can have some holiday of theirs too, spending a couple of days at grandma’s.

4. Take The Lead

Studies show that men love it when their women initiate sex. Get creative, invest in some nice lingerie and colognes and reveal your magic in the bedroom.

5. Do An Activity Together

You could sign up at the local gym, start playing board games together or decide to start taking long weekend walks. Apart from its health benefits, doing stuff together strengthens your bond, and before you know it, the dying embers will glow once again.

6. Go Back In Time

Remember your favourite spots when you guys were dating? going back to those places will bring back happy memories of butterflies dancing in your bellies and lots of giggles and smiles.

7. Show Appreciation

Everyone loves to be appreciated. Be generous with your gratitude even if your partner’s gesture appears little, the thought and efforts they put into it is what truly counts. Showing appreciation may motivate your spouse to do more.

8. Write A Letter

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Take time to write a letter to your spouse, tell them all the stuff that makes them special and unique. Send as a text or an email, but to make it old-fashioned and extra-special, write it by hand!

9. Be Friends

Start with the basics and rebuild or strengthen your friendship. Start by communicating better on issues and asking each other’s opinions before making a decision.

10. Forgive

Learn to forgive; forgiveness is key to staying in love. Sure you’ve heard it before that ‘marriage is the union of two good forgivers’. We all make mistakes, don’t punish your spouse for theirs. Once you have been able to forgive them, try and talk about what happened to be sure it doesn’t repeat itself.

11. Be Expressive

Love is a language that needs to be learned. Take the effort to communicate and respond to your partner lovingly in words and in deeds. Avoid suspicions as much as you can, give room for dialogue rather than assumptions. Learn to speak your partner’s love language, as actions speak louder than words.


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