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Californian Mum, Qayla Ann, Suffers Backlash For Her Comments About Her Baby’s Looks On Facebook Live

Californian Mum, Qayla Ann, Suffers Backlash For Her Comments About Her Baby’s Looks On Facebook Live

A Californian mum, Qayla Ann has incurred the wrath of other parents and people generally after she went live on Facebook making puzzling comments about her newborn. Qayla filmed herself burping her little son while his twin sister slept, but it was her remarks during the video that caught the world’s attention.

The mum-of-three talked about how the heat had prompted her to take her three kids to a local water park but her comments after were unsettling, to say the least. While turning her son to face the camera, the mum lamented that he was ugly and expressed utter disappointment at how “funny-looking” he was.

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She went on to say she always nursed the fear that one of her kids would come out ugly because of her husband.

“My biggest fear was having an ugly baby, and now look what the f**k I got,” 

“I just knew that it was going to be a fifty-fifty chance that one of these kids was going to come out ugly … because of him,” (appears to be a reference to the her children’s father.)

“One minute he looks all handsome, the other minute he looks like f*****g Alien vs. Predator.”

Halfway through the video, she then seems to have a change of heart and instead of saying her son is “ugly”, switches to saying he’s “funny looking” instead.

“I’m sorry your Daddy marked you, you look like him,” 

“It’s cool though.”

She said.

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Qayla’s video went viral and caused backlash but the mum-of-three has made another video insisting that she was merely joking and would never put her kid down.

She later explained to her fans that she had indeed just been messing around, saying:

“God knows my heart is pure, I love my kids. There’s no such thing as bad publicity.”

Either way her little boy let everyone know what he thought of it, by doing a beautifully-timed vomit over his mum. See Qayla’s retraction here.

Watch the original video below:

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