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Dear MIMsters: I Know that I am Ugly But Hearing it From Him Hurts

Dear MIMsters: I Know that I am Ugly But Hearing it From Him Hurts

The father of my child called me ugly in front of people. I know that I am ugly because many people have called me ugly before, but hearing it coming from him, worse, in front of people hit me so bad.Ā 
We are are still together. We were okay until he cheated on me while I was pregnant. He cheated on me, not once, not twice but more than 15 times with different girls. We broke up and got back together about 5 times.
Whenever I leave him, he loses focus on everything and becomes so depressed and lose weight. He was once admitted in the hospital due to depression after I left him.
When I’m with him, he sees other women but when I leave him, he dumps them and becomes miserable at home. He apologises and then I take him back. And then two months later, he finds another girl. When I dump him, he dumps her, just like that.
I think I have accepted that men will always cheat. I have extremely beautiful friends who are even educated but their partners cheat like nobody’s business. So I’m always like if they can be cheated on like that when they are so beautiful, then who am I not to be cheated on?
What should I do about being called ugly by the father of my child?
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  • I think he just said that to get you infuriated. If you are so ugly like he claims, why then did he have a child with you? Why does he slip into depression whenever you leave him? Please do not allow what he said get to you. Nobody is ugly, we are all beautiful in different ways. And stop believing all men cheat.

  • You are not ugly my dear, every one that God has made is beautiful and unique in their own ways. About the cheating you can’t do a thing about it, just continue being true and friendly to him, he will one day realize his mistakes. All women are like money when you dump them, another person can pick you up and that is why he gets depressed each time you part with him . he is scared some one will pick you up. Don’t you worry !! or bother your self, you are a wonderful woman.

  • My dear, I think your husband doesn’t cheat on you alone, he has actually taking everything from you. Your self esteem, being human and the rest of it. Who told you it’s normal for him to cheat on you or even call you ugly. Pls dear don’t loose yourself while trying to safe other, you really need help and I think a professional counselor will do. God bless you really good

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