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Dear MIMsters: How Do I Revoke My Husband’s Incantations Against Me?

Dear MIMsters: How Do I Revoke My Husband’s Incantations Against Me?

How do I revoke my husband’s incantations against me?

I was forced into marriage when l was 20 and since then, my husband has made life unbearable for me.

I am not perfect, but l am one of the kindest humans. l have a very soft heart that forgives easily but the treatment l have received through the years has made me look stubborn or as one who doesn’t listen to instructions.

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My husband started tormenting me right from day one of our marriage. He would mock my family and curse out on my mum and dad and call my family cursed because my mum and dad are not in good terms. He would mock me anytime a close relative of his is around for eating even food. So, this has made me swear not to be poor.

l went to this woman whom l used to buy used clothes (OK) from and begged her to give me on credit. She gave me OK worth 14k, and that’s was how l started. I started hawking it with my little baby tied to my back and towards evening, l would return to my husband’s shop where he would mock me with some of his friends and l would keep calm.

I have suffered emotional, physical and psychological abuse from him. The physical abuse stopped when l decided to stand up to him and started fighting back anytime he hits me. He has turned all family members against me and not that they are bad people, but they hate me and treat me so poorly because of my husband.

Recently, l became pregnant and l was diagnosed of high blood pressure. My blood pressure once rose to 165/103 and l took the blood medication that was given to me and immediately went to the hospital to see the doctor because l was feeling dizzy and faint. My husband came to the hospital where l was lying and started shouting that l can’t always run to the hospital because of ordinary BP, that l’m wasting his money. The doctor checked my BP and it had gone down to 110/80 but l was still feeling extremely dizzy and tired that the doctor said he would admit me and give me some drips.

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My husband started shouting that l should quickly get up from there so that we can go home but l refused. He started cursing me and my family out. After l returned home from the hospital, my husband kept malice with me.

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Yesterday, he raised alarm that money was missing from his drawer and that his account is not balanced. l told him that l wrote the expenses l made on the expenses book and he flared up and said that he would call the deity on me and if l ever took his money, that the Deity will kill me. I told him that he should go ahead that if he doesn’t stop his ill treatment against me, that he will never progress in life.

He got out rum and native cola and said that l will see. Every morning, he will come out to do some incantation and pour the wine on the floo . Please I need advice on what to do.

I have always wanted a divorce but l don’t know how to go about it yet because l’m not rich and l fear he might collect my children. What can l do to make sure that whatever incantations he’s doing doesn’t affect me? I pray fervently but at the same time l’m scared for my life. How can l go about a divorce quietly after delivery without making noise about it?

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I’m currently 6 months pregnant with my 5th child. I did implanon for five years after my fourth child and it started disturbing me, so, l removed it. I know divorce will be hard for a woman like me but l am not looking for another man or marriage. I can stay without men or sex for the rest of my life. I just want to have peace, raise my children and live my life to the fullest. l am 30 years old and my husband is 41.

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