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First Time Dad, Mr Titus Happily Shared Struggles Endured During The 11 Years His Wife Was Trying To Conceive

First Time Dad, Mr Titus Happily Shared Struggles Endured During The 11 Years His Wife Was Trying To Conceive

Having had to contend with infertility for 11 years, a Nigerian man has narrated how he burst into tears after his long wait to be a father was called off by the arrival of his baby boy. The new dad identified as Titus, shared his story with a community based and popular social media platform, humans of Abuja.

Titus shared that he and his wife faced untold hardship in their quest to have their own child. in those eleven years, he said his wife reached the point of hopelessness, especially when people would call her names on account of her been childless.

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According to the ecstatic dad,  he openly burst into tears upon hearing the news from his brother-in-law, that his wife had safely delivered a baby boy. Now that he is finally experiencing the joy of being a father, Humans of Naija reported Titus says he feels like the happiest man on earth.

Even more, so that he can thoroughly enjoy this new phase of being a father, his boss has given him two months leave from work.

Read Titus’s narration below:

“I just got a call from my wife’s brother who is staying with us that my wife has just given birth to a bouncing baby boy.

When I first got the call, I was confused for a while and the next thing I noticed was tears dropping down my cheeks.

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My wife and I have really gone through a lot due to our inability to conceive.We have been married for 11 years without a child,I can still remember how some of my wife’s friends taunted and mocked her due to her inability to conceive,she would cry every night but I would console and ask her not to lose hope.

Finally, God decided to bless us and wipe away our tears. I would be going into a new phase of life which is ‘Fatherhood and I can’t wait to experience it. My boss has given me two months leave for me to spend time and bond with my new born baby. I am the happiest man on earth now.”

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