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7 Important Questions Pregnant Mums Should Ask Before Giving Birth

7 Important Questions Pregnant Mums Should Ask Before Giving Birth

One of the things to keep at bay for a to-be-home is avoidable anxiety. Avoiding undue anxiety has to do with some planning but even more asking the right questions from your health practitioner to help you get an idea of what labour and delivery may look like. When you are deciding where to have your baby, you’ll probably be choosing from different places such as a hospital, or birth centre since home-birth services are not popular yet in Nigeria.

Be sure to find out how the people you talk with handle these ten issues about caring for you and your baby. You may want to ask the questions below to help you learn more:

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1. Who Can Be With Me during Labour And Birth?

Knowing the answer to this question before your baby’s arrival keeps you at peace and helps you know what to expect in the delivery room. Not only should you ask ‘who’, but you should also ask your caregiver how many people will be allowed in your delivery room. Also ask, ‘how many doctors and nurses will be assisting during labour?”. All of the answers to those questions help you to prepare mentally and give you some sense of calm.

2. What Happens During A Normal Labour In Your care?

Learning about what to expect for mother and child will help ease your concerns about your care during labour and the birthing process. If they give mother-friendly care, they will tell you how they handle every part of the birthing process. For example, they will tell you the pain-relief options.  They will also tell you how often they do certain procedures. For example, they will have a record of the percentage of C-sections (Caesarean births) they do every year. If the number is too high, you’ll want to consider having your baby in another place or with another doctor or midwife.

3. Can I Walk Around During Labour

This may vary but in mother-friendly settings, you can walk around and move about as you choose during labor. Asking this question will help prepare for the actual delivery. Oftentimes, walking or even dancing can help encourage a good pattern of contractions or even reduce the total time of labour.

4. What Position Do You Suggest for Birth?

The answer to this may vary based on the birth setting and the pain. There are multiple options, and it’s typical for the mother to change positions during labour. As the pain intensifies, trying a variety of positions may help manage the contractions. There also may be medical reasons for certain positions; explore your options with your doctor!

5. When Do You Determine A C-section Or Induction Is Necessary?

Induction will typically come first, and if that doesn’t work then a C-section is the next step. Your doctor will best explain when an induced labor is necessary. It is essential to remember these birthing options are considered when the risks to you and your baby outweigh the risks of intervening. Although these are often not wanted, it’s best to know all potential options.

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6. What Happens If The Baby Is Born Early Or Past The due Date?

If the baby arrives preterm, it is likely extra time will be spent to ensure your newborn can obtain and hold important nutrients. On the contrary, arriving much later past the due date may require an induced labor. These are important questions surrounding the due date, and one your doctor will best answer.

7. What Happens If The Birth Plan Needs To Be Adjusted?

The cost and health implications of your delivery may need to be adjusted as birthing decisions are altered around the safest delivery for mommy and baby, it’s best to discuss all scenarios including circumstances and/or risks with your doctor.

Note: This list is by no means exhaustive, you may want to ask your doctor or midwife more questions personal to you. for example, some mums want to know beforehand who will cut the umbilical cord as well as questions around circumcision for biys.


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