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9 Baby Items You May Find Useless

9 Baby Items You May Find Useless

Every expectant mum wants to be prepared when the baby arrives, this can translate to a shopping spree where they stock up on ‘all’ the supplies that will help them be a great mum.

Some of those supplies actually serve no real purpose than taking up space and setting you back a few pennies. Before you go overboard with the baby shopping, take a look at 9 things your baby may never use.

1. Shoes For Your Newborn

Newborns and babies have no real need for shoes until they start to stand and toddle, which is a good eight to nine months away. Invest in good, soft and cotton socks for newborns, as you only need to keep their feet warm. Wait till they can actually use their feet properly before splurging on all the tiny cute shoes you’ve always admired for your baby.

2. A Wipes Warmer

Wipes are usually stored at room temperature and do not require extra warmth. Normal wipes stored at room temperature are just fine.

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3. Bassinets

Bassinets are cute and adorable but they never really live up to their purpose. When you get a bassinet, you’re still going to need a crib because your baby is going to grow and quite rapidly too.Ā  Most babies do not even like to be confined to a small space. Instead of investing in a bassinet, go ahead and get a crib that you can use for up to 3 years as a baby bed.

4. Special ‘Baby’ Detergent

Some stores stock up ‘baby’ detergent that promises you the softest and cleanest wash for your child. Thankfully, research has shown that all you need is a brand that is free and clear, meaning that it has no perfumes or dyes that may irritate your baby’s skin. There are a lot of regular and way cheaper detergents out there and you don’t have to worry about any specified ‘baby’ detergent.

5. Pacifier Wipes

Who knew anyone would take their time to make wipes for pacifiers and who knew some mums would actually go out there and buy those? Simply washing a used or soiled pacifier in warm water with mild dish detergent does the trick perfectly.

True, you may not always have access to soap or water, but you can attach a fastener they can wear around the neck to the pacifier which can also serve as a teether.

6. Fancy Bedding Sets

There’s no need breaking the bank purchasing fancy bedding sets at the early years of your baby’s life. Instead, opt for soft and practical woolen sets which are easy to wash when soiled.

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7. Baby Timer

As you go through the days and weeks with your baby, you will become attuned to their pattern and timing. Spending on a device that keeps track of your baby’s feeding, sleeping, and diaper changing schedules is just really reaching too far. It is a gift of motherhood, you will master your child’s schedules naturally and in a short time too.

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8. Bath Thermometer

You can go ahead and buy one of those or you can just stick to the equally efficient and traditional method of testing water temperature. Some people use you use your elbow to test but the hand is probably easier, just be careful either way.

9. Stuffed Animals

Babies have and will show little interest in stuffed animals until they are at least six months old. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is another reason to say no to stuffed animals. SIDS is the unexpected death of an infant within their first year.

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