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What Waking Up At Wee Hours Says About Your Body And Health

What Waking Up At Wee Hours Says About Your Body And Health

The Wee hours is defined as the early hours of the morning, between twelve o’clock at night and the time when the sun rises. Just as the saying goes, “Early to bed, early to rise”. While the health benefits of sleeping early are generally known, what you might not know is that the times you wake up at night is your body trying to send a message.

The ancient Chinese Medicine Body Clock tells us that the body, mind, and emotions are in sync even when we are asleep. This is why even when we are asleep, the mind alerts the body that is time to visit the loo. The body, in turn, connects with our emotions.

Well, this is what happens to you when you wake up at night, according to the Chinese Medicine Body Clock:

9 pm – 11 pm

You should be asleep but that is not the case at the moment. If you are still awake at this time, then you are being stressed, physically or emotionally and this will have a drastic effect on your muscles over time.

11 pm – 1 am

This is your body telling you that your bile duct might be at risk and only your diet change can help. It could also simply mean that you are angry or filled with regret over an incident.

1 am – 3 am

Your natural detoxifier, the liver, may have been overworked and has just been refreshed. The intensity of the liver’s work has resulted in you waking up. Help yourself by reducing your alcohol intake and eating a balanced diet.

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3 am – 5 am

Due to the nature of our daily activities especially the 9-5 workers, you will likely wake up at this time to beat traffic. As such, the body may have gotten used to this routine. However, what does it mean when you do sans the job? It means that your lungs are loaded with polluted air. This is its way of cleaning itself for another day.

5 am-7 am

Your body is dehydrated and the colon needs to be cleansed. Medically, it is recommended that you drink water first thing in the morning before you eat any meal or you may be having feelings of emptiness and insecurity.

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