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Dear MIMsters: How I Went From Being A Bad Husband To Becoming A Better Version Of Myself

Dear MIMsters: How I Went From Being A Bad Husband To Becoming A Better Version Of Myself

Being married to my wife has changed my life for the better. I have become a better version of myself. Before I met my wife, I was a big time player. I have been married before but I left the marriage because I felt trapped in it. I got married as a result of pregnancy. I wanted to do the right thing, so I thought getting married to the girl I had impregnated was the right thing to do.

Boy, I felt boxed in and trapped, so I cheated.
When I couldn’t handle living that way anymore as I hated being two faced, I came clean with my then wife. We tried to work it out, but I couldn’t settle in, so I asked for a divorce. Our marriage produced a child.
After the divorce, I felt free, and I played around without any strong commitments until I met this young woman. She wasn’t one of the girls I was used to. She was different, a church girl. She was classy, had strong values and very disciplined. I knew I was in for something when we had an argument and she called it quits and I found myself begging her. I couldn’t just be without her. 
Let me be clear that I making a thousand times more money  than she does, so this is not even about money. If anything, I am the one who gives her everything but I couldn’t buy her love and commitment without making some changes.
Slowly and gradually, my lifestyle changed and I stopped hanging out with my friends. I knew I had to change if I didn’t want to lose her. Even though my friends weren’t happy about her, they all knew that there was something different about this woman.
Now, we’ve been married for over 10 years and even though we have 3 kids, she still makes me feel like if I mess up, she’s out. This makes me to want to keep improving myself. When I look back to where I was when my wife met me, to where I am now, the difference is like night and day. I am doing well in every way, financially, emotionally, physically and intellectually. She inspires me to be better.
I don’t womanise, keep late nights anymore and I don’t spend money recklessly anymore. This is what marriage should really be about, a change for the better.

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