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What Do You Make Of Why A Texas Woman, Tianna Jenkins, Is Calling Her 3-Year-Old Marriage Quit?

What Do You Make Of Why A Texas Woman, Tianna Jenkins, Is Calling Her 3-Year-Old Marriage Quit?

A Texas woman has shared on Twitter that she’s filing for divorce from her husband after three years of marriage. While the woman identified on her Twitter page as Tianna Jenkins has received a lot of support for her decision, others, mostly men are questioning whether her reason for filing to be separated from her husband is weighty enough.

In her Twitter post announcing her decision to file for divorce, Tianna said her husband of 3 years casually told her that he cheated out of temptation when he was on a business trip. Tianna also said that her husband told her the woman with whom he cheated is now pregnant with his child.

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Jenkins who happens to be an advocate for women’s rights and wellness said that’s enough reason for her to call it quits. According to her, she enjoyed the marriage the entire 3-year duration it has lasted but that her husband has now messed it up, for which reason, she is also now resolved to leave him in the dust, depressed and in low spirits.

Read her full post:

Filing for my divorce soon, my husband of 3 yrs told me he cheated out of temptation on a business trip behind my back & ended up getting somebody pregnant.

Now he’s convicted, low in spirits, and depressed. I’m Leaving him in the dust. I enjoyed our marriage, he messed it up.

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I’m so glad I’m moving on with my life and have a story to tell. This is the start of a new life and to focus on serving women through empowerment.

A higher calling for me has opened that’s been there for years. God will use your story uniquely. I am ready Lord.

See her original post:

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