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Dear MIMsters: I Thought My Husband Was The Most Wonderful And Caring Until This Happened

Dear MIMsters: I Thought My Husband Was The Most Wonderful And Caring Until This Happened

I have been married for 5 years now to the most wonderful and caring husband and we are blessed with 2 kids.

My husband has been home for a week before the lockdown. He doesn’t work where we live, he works in another state so he travels and returns every weekend.

My husband has never given me a reason to ever doubt his love for me and the kids. Whenever he is out of town, we always talked on video calls, he’ll send beautiful messages to me which have made me so relaxed and I trust him so much.

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During this lockdown, he has been the one going to the market because we have a little baby at home. He buys foodstuffs for the family including my kid’s milk and Pampers. He recently changed my car and we are sexually active as a couple.

Last night, I went out to do my regular exercise, anytime is around he always help me the kids when I go out for evening exercise when I returned, I found him sleeping with our little daughter in his arms and his phone was open. I took the phone from him to charge it only for me to find out that he was having a conversation with a girl before he slept off.

I viewed the profile of the girl and noticed that she lives very close to us with her boyfriend. I heard they are very serious about their relationship, but she’s having an affair with my husband, sometimes, she even travels with my husband to his workplace and she will cook up lies to her boyfriend just travel with my husband.

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The probs now is that hubby told me he is traveling today only for me to read his conversation that he is going with the said girl. I have been broken since last night but I didn’t confront hubby, I just sent a message to her through hubby’s phone to focus on her relationship and leave my husband alone.

When hubby wakes up this morning after our morning devotion, he saw the message I sent to her and he has been angry saying I don’t have a right over his phone and angrily left the house. I am so heartbroken because I never believed he’s going to betray me like this. I am so confused, I don’t know how to react to him.

I need advice on how to handle this situation. I have a good job but he has been taking care of our financial needs including mine. He advised I save up to start up a good business once our little girl grows up.

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  • Pls my dear sister the way you handled the situation so far has been commendable since you did not confront him but you must put another sign of maturity by sitting him down and talking to him let him know that both of you can build a better family let him know that a side chick will destroy all he has laboured to built over the years pls don’t give him any reason to fault you

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