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Vital Information On The Use Of Vitamin D To Bolster Up Immunity Against COVID-19

Vital Information On The Use Of Vitamin D To Bolster Up Immunity Against COVID-19

Perhaps, you have learned that strengthening your immunity along with other precautions laid down by scientists is a good way to significantly lower your chance of contracting the dreaded COVID-19.

You probably have also heard that Vitamin D deficiency has been noticed in most COVID-19 patients and the deficiency also has been linked to fatality rates. The information has caused people to up their intake on the vitamin and while scientists encourage its intake, they have vital information to go along with it.

Vitamin DĀ is sometimes called the ā€œsunshineĀ vitaminā€ because it’s produced in your skin in response to sunlight. It’s a fat-solubleĀ vitaminĀ in a family of compounds that includesĀ vitamins D-1,Ā D-2, andĀ D-3. Your body producesĀ vitamin D naturally when it’s directly exposed to sunlight, according to

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The lockdown means most of us are not stepping out and therefore are not receiving adequate sunshine, and our Vitamin D levels may likely be low as a result, but scientists frown on trying to make up for low Vitamin D levels by taking large doses of the vitamin.

Scientists have dismissed claims that ā€˜mega dosesā€™ of vitamin D can protect or prevent against the novel Coronavirus. However, they have emphasised the importance of maintaining a healthy level of vitamin D in the body.

The dismissal by the scientists comes after some online articles claimed that large doses of the vitamin can act as a protective measure against the virus, a claim thatĀ has prompted an urgent need to inform the public.

Professor Colin Smith, from the University of Brighton, alongside some of his colleagues from around the UK writing in the BMJ journal Nutrition, Prevention and Health addressed the issue saying:

There are currently some very misleading articles doing the rounds on social media about mega doses of vitamin D as a Covid-19 protective measure ā€“ which are not true ā€“ and hence the urgent need to inform the public.ā€™

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In lockdown, many of us are not getting enough vitamin D ā€“ either from the sun or from the diet ā€“ and it is important that we all get enough vitamin D3 via supplements.

In addition to maintaining healthy bones and muscles, vitamin D3 is very important for maintaining a healthy immune system.

A balanced response by the body to infection by the coronavirus is very important, since an overreaction of the immune system to the virus can be just as dangerous as a weak immune response.ā€™

he added.

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