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Mum-of-Three, Victoria Inyama, Schools Anita Joseph On Marital Rape

Mum-of-Three, Victoria Inyama, Schools Anita Joseph On Marital Rape

Former Nollywood actress, Victoria Inyama, in response to her colleague, Anita Joseph, who over the weekend faulted statement made by married women who alleged they were raped by their husbands when they weren’t in the mood for sex, schools her.

Anita in a video made with her husband argued that a woman cannot claim her husband raped her if he had sex with her when she wasn’t in the mood. She opined that the body of a woman is the food of her husband and should be made available whenever he needs to feed on it. Watch here.

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Reacting to Anita’s video, Victoria said there indeed is a thing called Marital rape and that many married women have experienced and are still experiencing it. She said sex even in marriage should be with consent. She argued that forcefully having sex with a spouse is another act of domestic violence.

She said she has experienced marital rape and that it leaves so many women damaged.

Can a husband rape? Yes a husband can rape his spouse. It depends. Let me define it. Marital rape or spousal rape is the act of sexual intercourse with ones spouse without the spouse’s consent.

The lack of consent is essential here because it does not need to involve physical violence. Marital rape is a form of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

Husbands can rape wife. I do not know about wife raping a husband. The most important thing is consent is needed.

A lot of women constantly raped in their marriage. They are so ashamed to even talk about it. I have experienced it and I am learning about it.

The trauma and the damage it causes is beyond your understanding”

she said.

In her attached caption, she wrote:

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Spousal/Marital Rape!

Marital Rape is a form of Domestic violence & sexual Abuse, historically sex within marriage was regarded as a right of the spouses,

But engaging in the act without the spouse’s consent & then Penetrating in now widely classified as Rape! Marital Rape is more widely experienced by women than men.

Cultural practices, Religion & societal ideologies contribute to its acceptance.

Circumstances do vary but Because it’s a Norm Doesn’t Make It Right!

Watch Victoria talk about it:

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