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Dear MIMsters: Just When I Thought I Had Met An Intelligent Guy, He Did This

Dear MIMsters: Just When I Thought I Had Met An Intelligent Guy, He Did This

It is going to be a long read but I beg for your patience. So, I met this guy at a mutual friend’s house two years back. We had a brief INTELLIGENT conversation and when he asked for my Instagram handle, I didn’t hesitate to give it to him right away as I was intrigued by his knowledge of things.

We followed each other, started chatting but conversation ran flat probably because it didn’t get through the “Hi, Hello. Hope you had a lovely day” phase. We moved on and I totally forgot about him. I’m sure he forgot about me until recently.

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I was at work when I got a message from him on IG and I swiftly replied. I was so excited and I apologized for not reaching out. He seemed pretty much the same to me so I kept replying. He asked to call me on FaceTime but I WAS AT WORK so I told him we’ll do that once I get off work.

I got back home really exhausted. He had dropped a couple of messages for me so I replied to them and one of the messages was, “can I call you now? Please I’m begging”.

I sensed the desperation in the text so I asked if everything was fine and he said he just needed to see me and get a lot off his chest. He told me he’s a sad introvert and just wants to talk. I then told him I’ll need a couple of minutes to shower and get ready for the night before I FaceTime and he replied “oooh. I can help you with that or are you shy?”

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“So much for a sad introvert, lol,” I replied with my classic laughing emoji. I didn’t read anything into it. Just thought he was trying to loosen up and act cheeky.

I finally FaceTimed him and he didn’t change much from the last time I saw him. We had a smooth conversation. He even made me laugh so hard and deep a couple of times but that was short-lived as he started asking questions. These are questions that you do not ask for the first time after a long time of talking, questions that you do not ask AT ALL.

I will apologize for my use of terms here, that’s for those who might find it uncomfortable but I have to say it exactly how he said it. He first asked if I was putting on any form of underwear then asked me to show him my look.

Immediately, I was disappointed but I wanted to see where he was headed. He asked me questions like, “who did you fuck last?” “what’s your favorite sex position?” and “how wide or small is your vagina?” “Do you have anal sex?”

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I was starting to feel really uncomfortable. I wanted to know what knowledge he would gain from these questions. He said nothing, it’s just for bants. He even went as far as writing “you’ve turned me on” on his palms for me to see. This whole time, I found my way around his questions but I was utterly confused about how the conversation turned into sex talk.

I DID NOT give him that impression neither did I mention anything about sex before we started FaceTiming so you can only imagine my shock. I got tired of the whole conversation and decided to label him a debauchee when he asked to see my breast.

Hei God! I told him I won’t give him that privilege and I needed to go to bed. He turned the talk into me being a naive girl and a killjoy. Said I wasn’t mature because I bluntly refused to tell him the size of my veejay?

Anyway, he insulted me. I ended the call and yesterday he sent me a message on IG which reads, “Hi dear, can I call you?”

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Beautiful people, what’s your take on this? Was I actually being a killjoy because I REFUSED to participate in mature people’s convo?

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