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Harry Song Shares On Why He Is No Longer Keen On Marriage At This Time

Harry Song Shares On Why He Is No Longer Keen On Marriage At This Time

It is less than a year since popular music star and Alterplate record label founder, Harrison Okiri, better known as Harry Song, shared with the world that his frantic search for the right woman for him had ended – all thanks to the fervent payers. The single dad is now singing a new song and shares why marriage has to take the back burners for now.

Speaking with Saturday Beats, the 39-year-old who hinted last year that he was ready to get married after finding Isioma, noted that he had suspended marriage temporarily because he was “not sure anymore.’’

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For entertainers and celebrities in general, having baby mamas has somewhat become a norm in the entertainment industry but Harrison shared that he does not subscribe to such terms.

Harry shared:

Everything about marriage has been suspended for now. I’m focusing more on my music and business.

The truth is that I’m still young and having the passion to settle down early is a normal feeling.

When you meet someone and don’t really connect is a pointer of what could happen later in life. You can’t manage yourself into a life-time journey, you have to be 100 per cent sure.

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In my case, I wasn’t so sure anymore. There are some things I can’t talk about. For now, I have to manage it on my own.’’

As long as you’re above 20 years, you should be eligible for marriage.  As a celebrity, distraction can be one of the reasons of not getting married early but finding the right person is very important.

Personally I don’t support having a baby mama even though it’s a common phenomenon nowadays. Having a baby mama is a personal decision.

I don’t have a baby mama because I don’t want it.’

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