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Understanding The Various Types Of Marriage Before Embarking On The Journey  – MFM G.O. Dr. D.K Olukoya Educates Singles

Understanding The Various Types Of Marriage Before Embarking On The Journey  – MFM G.O. Dr. D.K Olukoya Educates Singles

It is no news that marriages are collapsing every day. The marriage institution has become a mockery of what it used to be in the olden days. There are many strange marriage patterns today.

According to the General Overseer of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, Dr. D.K Olukoya, many men and women are in a mess because the patterns they followed run contrary to Divine Principles. The lives of many have been turned upside down as a result. Unfortunately, today, most marriages are death traps.

When people are considering marriages, they will do well if they consider the fact that there are many types of marriages. Many marriages are dead while some are wholesome. Certain marriages are best described as a journey into crisis. An understanding of the various patterns of marriage will enable you to sit and plan before undertaking that journey.

The following tips will help single men and women through that extremely delicate process of deciding how they want their marital journey to be like:

Show glass marriage. Noisy marriage that attracts problems. The essence of true marriage has been lost. Most marriages have been turned into avenues for worldly showmanship. You will attract various crowds that will say congratulations openly but stab you at the back secretly. You must avoid any form of show glass marriage even when your parents are stupendously rich.

Kidnappers marriage. It is a marriage where a woman just moved into a man’s house without proper consultation and blessings of the parents. In this marriage, there is no form of payment or bride price, no engagement, pastor’s blessing, traditional wedding or church blessing. This is a form of stealing a husband or a wife. This type of marriage cannot work.

Armed robbery marriage. It is a marriage where you’re forced to marry someone you don’t like. Such people are victims of marital robbery. Such people are never happy, they never experience marital fulfillment because their will is pushed aside and they wake up suddenly to discover that they are married to someone they can almost call an enemy.

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NFA (No future Ambition marriage). To be properly married, you must have marital goals before setting out on the journey of marriage. When you go into a marriage without a clear perception of your future ambition, you will get frustrated. Before you get married, you must determine on issues like career, destiny fulfillment, usefulness in the house of God and your future influence in the society.

Gold-digger marriage. If you’re marrying somebody because of money and not love, you have the wrong reasons. Rather settle for a quality marriage, many people are digging gold and struggling for survival. Unfortunately, money cannot give lasting fulfillment in marriage.

Walking stick marriage. If a lady marries a man because she wants him to take good care of her, of course she is turning him to a walking stick. People like this are not willing to stand on their feet and trust God to provide what they need in life. If all you want is a walking stick marriage, what if the walking stick breaks? No matter how rich he is, there will be a season when the burden career will be totally unavailable.

Baby factory marriage. This is when a marriage is mainly for the sake of making babies. Most parents fall because of this. One of the reasons for marriage is procreation but beloved, it should be sensible procreation. It is better to raise a sizable family and teach them the way of the Lord.

Escape route marriage. It is a marriage when you marry to escape from family troubles like persecution, frustration and consequences of personal mistakes. Some ladies are tired of living alone so they engage in this type of marriage. Marriage can never solve all the problems you have in this life. It is not magic. It requires a great deal of hard work.

Plaster marriage. Some people get married just because they want a visa or citizenship. This marriage cannot work. A plaster marriage can only hide something but cannot take it away. Plaster marriage cannot erase personal shortcomings. I counsel you to be real. Own up to who you are, work on your shortcomings and address your lack. Build up your inner man, stand tall with the help of the Almighty.

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Dog marriage. This is when you marry because of sexual attraction. Some people are wrong in the area of purpose. God has not given you your spouse just to make him or her a mere object of sexual gratification. There must be a balance in the home. When sex is placed in a proper perspective, the marriage will be wholesome.

One-way traffic marriage. It is a kind of marriage where one person likes the other person without the love flowing from the other side. When only one person is involved in the love game, such marriage does not work, marriage is supposed to be mutually beneficial.

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Panic marriage. This is when you get into marriage out of fear. You are tired of being stigmatised as unmarried, so when the man came with all problems, you couldn’t end the relationship. You’re scared that if this one goes, will you get another opportunity and jump into the marriage.

Medical marriage. Is when a marriage occurs to cure loneliness. Many people are married but living single because their spouse is a loner. Marriage is not a cure-all therapy.


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