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Family Coach, Elizabeth Badejo Lists 4 Ways Play Can Benefit Your Marriage

Family Coach, Elizabeth Badejo Lists 4 Ways Play Can Benefit Your Marriage

Play, according to family coach, Elizabeth Badejo, can keep your marriage strong and healthy.

If couples can reminisce on the past, many will remember the good times they shared playing and getting silly together during the early years of their marriage which can be considered as their best times ever. However, many other commitments can quickly set into the marriage and take the fun times away.

Couples who enjoy playing and sharing jokes will enjoy a loving, balanced, and open-minded relationship that promotes happiness and like children and young people, adults also can benefit from the power of play.

Play is therapeutic

Play is a natural and a social necessity which are fundamental to the health and well-being of adults giving them a sense of self and the ability to feel good and become happy.

It can be interpreted differently by different people either as a physical activity or simply as a gratifying experience to be enjoyed in the comfort of your own environment.

Play is therapeutic and can bring the best outcome in a distressing situation; individuals who enjoy playing make great partners and will often find their own way of dancing through the hurdles of life together.

Play can reduce stress

Many individuals believe that marital commitment can only be expressed through seriousness and control which creates no room for love and excitement in the marriage.

Play is often the answer to seriousness in marriage and when a couple have experienced a distressing situation, the playful adult among them is more likely to respond in a positive way which will gradually ease the stress and pain.

A spouse who lacks the capacity to laugh and play will often feel anxious and irrational about every given situation due to the lack of capacity to solve the problems.

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Play is hereditary

Couples who appreciate the importance of play from their own childhood are more likely to raise children full of life with a great sense of humour.

They say that you can only give what you have, many adults who were not allowed to experience the freedom of play as children often grow up feeling depressed and some also show signs of challenging behaviour and unable to form good relationships with their own children.

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Play is natural as it brings out the true personality in both old and young person’s behaviour. When couples play together, they can create their own activities, express their vulnerability towards each other as well as embrace their individual imperfections too.

Play keeps the peace

Many couples struggle in their marriages because they have different understanding about how to have fun and be happy together.

While men are often motivated by physical activities such as football, golf and automobiles, women want to enjoy a good conversation and a great laughter when spilling hot gossip with their men and when nobody is ready to compromise, it can trigger conflict in the marriage.

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When couples discover the joy of play, they will realise that it has the capacity to help them navigate through conflicts because it involves uncensored communication which brings a sense of security to aid conflict resolution.

Play upholds peace and tranquillity because couples who play together often bounce off on each other looking for every opportunity to bring themselves back to that place of comfort which play provides while keeping their relationships strong and healthy.

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