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BBNaija’s Erica Nlewedim Says She Now Understands Why Being A Housewife Is Attractive To Some People | Read And Share Your Thoughts On It

BBNaija’s Erica Nlewedim Says She Now Understands Why Being A Housewife Is Attractive To Some People | Read And Share Your Thoughts On It

Big Brother Naija star, Erica Nlewedim has disclosed that she now understands why being a housewife is attractive to some people.

The reality show star said this while reacting to a post which encouraged people not to be hard on themselves even if they are not operating at 100% productivity.

The post had also said people should take breaks in between the chaos, as their health is their primary currency.

Erica in her reaction to the post, recalled asking herself if is she is always ‘going to be working on a million things forever’ as a single lady.

She further questioned when she would probably rest and enjoy her life without working on anything like married women. The reality star insinuated that because most housewives do not work, little wonder they are always attractive to some people.

See her tweet…

“I woke up yesterday thinking, is this how I’m going to be working on million things forever? When will I get to just chill and enjoy? I now understand why being a housewife is attractive to some people.”

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Erica’s statement did not sit well with many netizens as they dragged her for downgrading married women and described the idea as insensitive.

abimbolaicey wrote: So are you saying housewife don’t work. They work the most.. that’s insensitive.

lrishpresh added: Please just be a wife first and come back, mtchewwww. I’m not married yet but you see married women especially the one with kids are the strongest being ever.

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Sometimes I say to my sister with 3 kids, babe rest you’re not Jabez please. She will respond and say if I leave them I will still do it later let me just finish up.

Anonymous: Only single ladies without Kidd’s will think being a house wife is easy imagine the nonsense comparison go and ask those with 2 to 6 Kidd’s at home, sometimes we have no time to even take a shower and we gat to do this till the kids goes to college.

kutifolake wrote: So according to you, been housewife is been idle. These are part of the problem when women are the ones downgrading other women. Most housewives work tirelessly – pregnant, caring for children, school runs, washing clothes, going to the market, caring for the whole family. Assisting children with school work.

Cleaning the house and some are still battered by their husbands regularly. How is these chilling and enjoying. How many women housewives have help except celebrities like you. Please choose your words next time.

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