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Full-Time Housewife Vs Career Woman: Celebrity Photographer, Kelechi Amadi-Obi Airs His Opinion

Full-Time Housewife Vs Career Woman: Celebrity Photographer, Kelechi Amadi-Obi Airs His Opinion

Veteran Nigerian celebrity photographer Kelechi AmadiObi has shared his candid opinion on the trending issue of full-time Housewife versus career woman.

While on an outing with friends, Amadi-Obi admonished Nigerians to stop pitching career women against housewife, by saying the former is more successful than the later.

According to him, nation building starts from the home, and housewives are doing a great job at it. In addition, he said housewives need to be respected.

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”Lets put some respect on housewives, they are nation builders!~@kelechiamadiobi (ace photographer) – I totally agree, some housewives raise kings while some clowns collect tithe and offering money, lend their husbands N1m out of it and then come and be preaching rubbish about it! ~FRZ – @mpraize #PhotoBomb #Tsogosun #breakfast #discussion.

When powerful minds sit to have breakfast together! – #FreeTheSheeple – #Fun #Bae #tsogosun #SSIkoyi @lol_yemsi @ekannyin @tsogosun – @tsogosun @mpraize @kelechiamadiobi @onyeeka @bodyalchemistng @insidewatchafrica_iwa @bellanaijaliving @iretidoyle – #Fun #Bae #tsogosun #SSIkoyi @lol_yemsi @ekannyin @tsogosun #Housewives,” Daddy Freeze wrote alongside a video of the ace photographer.

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This comes after popular Pastor, Funke Adejumo publicly said full time housewife is full time suffering and that any woman who is a housewife and isn’t able to lend her husband some sum of money is a ‘colossal disgrace’ (read here).

She also said a woman had to add more value to her husband other than sex and childbearing.

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“If you are married and all you do is have sex, give birth to children and good good meals; I pity you because full time housewife is full time suffering.

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So you better do something with your life because if the totality of your financial life is dependent on your husband, you are a colossal disgrace.”

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Here’s the video below;

Dear Mimers, let’s hear your opinion!

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  • To each his own. Everyone should do what’s best for them be it career or full time house wife.

    • I do not think insulting housewives makes any sense there are better ways of Letting a full time house know she must be empowered not by insults lets lead by examples my mum was a full time house wife and she raised 8 powerful children,the world is changed from that time so correction can be made with love not by tagging insults

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