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Budding Actress, Omalicha Elom Clearly States Why She Can Never Marry A Younger Lover

Budding Actress, Omalicha Elom Clearly States Why She Can Never Marry A Younger Lover

Nollywood actress, Omalicha Elom shocked many of her fans recently when she revealed that she cannot marry a younger lover though she desires marriage in 2022.

The outspoken Nollywood diva in a chat with Daily Sun noted that she would prefer to marry older men who are three to five years older than her because of how they take charge and control of the relationship.

Giving more reasons why she can never marry a younger guy, Elom said she can’t be submissive to him as she’s a strong-headed woman.

Adding to her marriage wish list, Ms. Elom says for a man to have her for keeps, he must not only be wealthy, such a man must be respectful and also good in bed.

In her words:

“I wish to get married this year. But I can never marry a young lover. I like older guys; three to five years older than me. I like my man being in charge and in control. I can’t be submissive to a younger lover; I’m too strong-headed. So, I like a man that will sometimes say ‘no’ to my bad habits and excess spending.

Dating a younger lover would make it seem like a small child caressing my breasts. On the other hand, I can’t also date a much older man. I can’t stand the thoughts of an old man even hugging me, no matter how rich he is. My man must be wealthy, respectful and must be good in bed.”

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On her New Year resolutions, the light-skinned script interpreter said,

“I want to make more money and make life easier for my mom and sisters. I’m the first child and breadwinner of my family, so all the responsibilities fall on my tiny shoulders. I also want to keep being a loner, because the girls I call my friends aren’t genuinely happy for me.”

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