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From His 23 Years Experience In Marriage, Man George@OneGSisneros Shares Advice He Would Give Himself If He Could Go Back

From His 23 Years Experience In Marriage, Man George@OneGSisneros Shares Advice He Would Give Himself If He Could Go Back

A man with the twitter name, George@OneGSisneros who has been married for 23 years has shared some advice he would have given himself if he could go back.

George took to Twitter to share his experience and his thread has gone viral. His Twitter thread, while well received by some, was criticised by others.

Read his advice below…

“I’ve been married 23 years. This is the advice I’d give myself if I could go back. // a thread

• Be adventurous My wife and I have run a marathon together, climbed a volcano together and we’ve traveled to Belize, Cuba and Mexico…together.

• Be her biggest cheerleader.

• Wake up with the thought, “She won’t out-love me today.”

4. Some say marriage isn’t a competition. It is for me. I’ll love her more.

• Never stop dating her. At least once a week. You plan everything.

• Be intentional about communicating in your marriage. Set up a time to talk every single day. Have coffee…and listen.

• Don’t keep score. This is huge. Relationships aren’t 50/50. Relationships are two people giving 100%.

• Assume she’s giving 100%. You worry about you.

• Put your spouse ahead of your kids. They’ll leave someday.

• Put your spouse ahead of your parents. I can’t believe I have to even mention this.

• Don’t watch porn. If you’re addicted, get help.

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• While you’re at it, kill your t.v. What you fill your mind with matters.

• The only woman you should be alone with is your wife. This shows your faithfulness.

• Take care of her financially. Financial security is high on her list of needs.

• Get out of (bad) debt and stay out.

• Start investing. IRA’s and Index Funds will get you most of the way there.

• Spend less than you earn. My wife and I were desperate to get out of debt ($45k), so we decided not to buy ANYTHING for 12 months. No things, no restaurants, no Christmas gifts. Out of debt in one year.

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• Take care of yourself so you can take care of her. Eat real food Exercise 30 minutes a day Get 7-8 hours of sleep Drink enough water

• Meditate. Learning to spend time alone is a superpower.

• Read the Bible. Take the steppingstones God has laid out for us in His Word. Loving God is a way to love your wife.

• Read the 5 Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman. Lavish her in her love language. (This isn’t to tell her what your love language is.)

• Tell her you love her. And then work your ass off proving it.

?? Conclusion: You don’t just “luck” into a happy marriage. It takes both people being intentional.

Of all the investments I’ve made, my marriage is the one I value most.”

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