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Infidelity In Marriage: Married Actress, Chizzy Alichi Makes A Case For Men

Infidelity In Marriage: Married Actress, Chizzy Alichi Makes A Case For Men

Popular Nigerian actress, Chizzy Alichi has said that most men cheat because they’re polygamous in nature.

In a recent interview with DailySun, the talented star who got married to entrepreneur, Ugochukwu Mbah, in 2019, also disclosed that she will never divorce her husband because of infidelity.

According to Chizzy, she grew up with the orientation that men are polygamous in nature and most of them cheat.

The movie star went further to declare that she is not scared of husband snatchers as she is a whole package and her husband is grateful to have her as his wife.

In her words:

“I can’t leave my husband because of infidelity. I have this orientation while growing up that all men cheat. Men are polygamous in nature, and believe it or not, most men cheat.

Though, there are still good ones, my husband is number one. If you leave a cheating partner, what is the possibility that the next person will not cheat? But it depends on what and how it happened.”

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She went on say she’s not scared of husband snatchers as no woman can ever snatch her man from her.

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The actress added:

“I’m also not scared of husband snatchers. I mean who is that? Does she have 10 heads? I’m a whole package and my husband is forever grateful. He is the one scared of losing me.

I had many suitors, people richer than my husband but I chose my husband because he is my best friend, play and gossip mate; and he’s rich. Who doesn’t like good things.”

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