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‘It’s Been Tough’ -Chioma Akpotha Spills On Raising Her Two Kids And How She’s Been Able To Stay Out Of Scandals

‘It’s Been Tough’ -Chioma Akpotha Spills On Raising Her Two Kids And How She’s Been Able To Stay Out Of Scandals

One of Nollywood actresses and celebrities at large who has their image unstained and intact is Chioma Akpotha. The actress has been able to live her celebrity lifestyle without any drama or scandal on social media.

In a recent chat with PUNCH, the diva spilled on how tough it is raising her two children, a boy and a girl. The superstar also shared on how she’s been able to stay away from celebrity scandals on social media.

On raising her kids:

“Contrary to what is in the public domain, I don’t have two sons; I actually have a boy and a girl. Although it has been tough raising them, I have been able to handle it, sometimes with the help of my siblings when I’m not available to be with them.”

On how she’s been able to stay off scandals:

“God has been faithful and I have been able to manage myself over the years. I have been able to stay out of scandals by being myself. I don’t go out of my way to do anything in particular. Being a celebrity does not affect how I view life. I have always viewed life the same way, irrespective of my celebrity status.”

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Speaking further, the 42-year-old actress disclosed that she no longer expends time on things that don’t work out the way she expects.

“My birthday was on March 12, and I am grateful to God for bringing me this far. I am happy to be around my loved ones.

In all honesty, there is nothing I am doing differently today, compared to 15 years ago, aside from the fact that I no longer stress myself over issues. If something is not working, I would just let go of it, instead of trying to break my head over it because what will be will be.

There is a stage one gets to in life that one would just move on if things don’t go as expected. Ten or 15 years ago, I would always try to find every means to make things happen or get someone to help out.

I don’t do that anymore, not even at this time that the country is hard. The major thing that has changed as I grow older is that I have a closer relationship with God. It was not a conscious decision, but something that happened over the years.”

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There were reports last year, from popular blogger, Stella Dimorkokorkus, that Chioma and her husband, Franklin Apotha have separated and the actress has moved out of her former matrimonial home with her two children.

Insiders confirm that the marriage which was comatose for a long time finally crashed over two years ago and the actress moved out to a rented apartment and she is living happily with her kids.

The reports and whispers also say that the actress tried her best to save her marriage but things had fallen apart and the center could no longer hold.

They allege that the actress suffered so much that she was left with no choice but to leave….The allegations were crazy and shocking but the two allegedly parted ways due to ‘irreconcilable differences’.

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