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Dear MIMsters: He Is Perfect Except For This Major Flaw

Dear MIMsters: He Is Perfect Except For This Major Flaw

I met my fiance in 2017 when I graduated from the College of Health. We started dating and getting to know ourselves.

I told him a lot of things about me, almost everything. I only left out things that were not relevant, and everything I told him was the truth about me and he also did the same with me.

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I was so in love with him that I didn’t even bother to check if he was telling the truth or lying to me. I agreed with everything he said about himself, family, friends, and exes.

While dating, I got pregnant in 2018 and because I love him, I didn’t even think of getting rid of it. I hid it from my family and his family too because at that time, he did not have a well-paid job but it is not something I could hide for long. Later, we informed our families when he got a manageable job.

We did the family introduction and he is yet to pay my dowry so I started to live with him after the introduction and now I am pregnant again, almost due.

My concern now is that I realized that he lies to me at any little chance he gets. He lies even in normal conversations, he lies when it is uncalled for. He told me a lot of things before I started to live with him but when I went there, I realized most of it are not true.

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A lot of the things he told me when we first met were lies. He lied about his age, the secondary school he attended, and other things. It really baffles me because I hate to be lied to. Tell me the truth, no matter what. Lies turn me off. Even when I found out some truths about him, he still denies it and he is not remorseful about it. I live with his family now and I’m still getting to know a lot of things but even when I ask he will still find ways to twist it.

I love this guy. He is a nice person and a good guy but I just can’t stand his lies. I want him to tell me things the way they are. I want a normal conversation without lies. Even when I know the truth about something, I still ask him and he will lie and right now I find it very difficult to trust him. Whatever he says, to me is a lie. I don’t even like to gist with him anymore cause I feel he lies a lot.

What should I do?

How would I learn to trust him again? Cause I don’t seem to believe whatever he says again until I really see it happening myself.

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