The Okoturos Give Wise Counsel To Younger Couples On Things To Do To Prevent Divorce In Their Marriages

Kenneth and Stella Okoturo‘s story is a classic example of love transcending borders and primordial sentiments. Kenneth, a native of Madangho town in Ugborodo, Warri, present day Delta State, met his heartthrob, a native of Udi, Enugu State, in Marina area of Lagos in 1986/87 in unusual circumstances.

The couple, who tied the knot in 1995, shares their matrimonial experiences with Daily Sun and offer valuable advice for younger couples.

You are from Warri and she is from Enugu. How did your paths cross?

Kenneth: We met in Lagos, in the Ikoyi area. I was staying with my aunty then and she was also living with her eldest brother. We became friends after our meeting in Ikoyi. We met in 1986 or 87 and we got married in 1995. I actually met her through a friend.

The friend you met through, was he your friend or her friend?

Stella: It was his own friend, and that his friend was my friend too. So he used to come to our house and he really wanted us to be friends. I wanted us to be ‘just friends’ but he wanted more than that. So he wanted Kenneth, my husband now, to help him if there was a way he could talk to me so that we could be more than friends.

When it did not work out, my husband was telling him that this thing you are doing, I don’t think it will work, that the lady is not interested. From there that friend withdrew, and later, I started going out with my husband.

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