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Two Years After The Untimely Death Of His Wife, Ibidunni, Pastor Ituah Ighodalo Talks Love, Loss, And Moving On 

Two Years After The Untimely Death Of His Wife, Ibidunni, Pastor Ituah Ighodalo Talks Love, Loss, And Moving On 

Tragedy struck in the home of Pastor Ituah Ighodalo, the General Overseer of Trinity House two years ago after he lost his dear wife Ibidunni Ighodalo suddenly!

Recall that the cleric lost his wife on June 14, 2020, from a heart attack in her sleep. They got married in Ibadan, Oyo State on 26 February 2007, followed by the traditional wedding three days later.

They courted for four years while their marriage lasted for 13 years and they had two adopted children, a boy, and a girl. Ibidun died suddenly just a few weeks before her 40th birthday.

In this interview with Chude Jideonwo on #WithChude, the father of two talks about God, love, the loss of his wife, and moving on.

According to the cleric, he still converses with his wife. According to him, “We still converse. We talk. I hear her. She speaks to me.”

“My wife was hale and hearty at 11pm on Saturday, she died at 2am. It wasn’t in the calculation and when I had realized that she had died, I asked God a few questions and he gave me my answer, then I said what do I do and he says carry on with what you have to do.

“So I asked him for courage and he gave it to me and I stepped out that morning and first of all went to church and preached the message. I then left church  and went to see my mother in-law, I comforted her, I begged her and I prayed with her and then I went to do the funeral as I had promised. When I had finished the funeral, I went back to my house and then started looking for my wife.”

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He continues:

“(Ibidun) was a phenomenal people person, she was a phenomenal lover of people, she was a phenomenal problem solver, she was extremely generous.

“Even till the day she died, she was giving out money to different kinds of people – issuing cheques, and not small money.

“One day she was driving down bourdillion road, she saw a woman, a mad woman who had just given birth, she stopped, went across to the woman, picked up the baby, called me from where I was and said she needed to sort this problem out.

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“Unfortunately, the baby had died, so the woman was in great distress and my wife picked up the woman and took her to Lagoon Hospital and got them to look after her, got me to pay the Bill and made sure the women was okay.

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You know that’s my wife for you, she’ll wake up at 2am, 1am, pick up her bus and go looking for street girls all over Lagos and arrive with a bus load of street girls that her now her responsibility in trying to get them off their job. And she’ll keep in touch with them and keep looking for them, so the next Sunday the church will be full.

“So I wanted to tell you that, we love you so greatly, and you are just a light for so many people and you’ve lived your life in such a way that we learn everyday from you. Even in the deepest darkest periods, you continued to teach and we are thankful and we are grateful and we love you.”

Watch highlights of the interview Here and Here.

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