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See If You Agree With Twitter User’s Advise To Single Women Planning To Marry The Breadwinner Of The Family 

See If You Agree With Twitter User’s Advise To Single Women Planning To Marry The Breadwinner Of The Family 

A Twitter user has dished out an advice to single women on they kind of men they must never get married to.

@elliewhipwrites told women not to marry the breadwinners of a family, especially if the family grew up in struggle and he pulled them out of it.

She tweeted;

“Avoid marrying the family breadwinner bebz. Especially if the family grew up in struggle and he has pulled them out of it. Abort mission!!”

As expected her tweet generated mixed reactions from Nigerians .

Reacting, @Lisa, who is married to a breadwinner of his family wrote:

You didn’t give us reason though. I married a bread winner of a family but it didn’t affect anything. I don’t stop him frm giving his relatives and he doesn’t fail providing for me and my kids. The more you give the more you are blessed.

@Anita shared her opinion :

You are right, that family will never be friends with you as they will continually see as you as threat. They will do anything to keep their breadwinner suspicious of you!


I’m in same situation right now cos my husband’s family won’t let me and my kids drink water, drop cup. Everything I do, na their Son do am and it’s a waste of money. But I won’t leave a good guys cos of bad family.

I’m equal to the task and I’m ready to protect my man, our kids and his property cos this people are wicked and they just want to ruin my marriage, they want him to send me packing and take over everything but brethren, ko le work!!

In other words, say a prayer for us pls. things are getting red and redder as the man no gree pursue me. Help my Husband Lord, may he find Favour all round, Amen!!!

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This is just the truth. You would always be seen as the enemy, Especially when the man decides to focus on his immediate family.


Some families are soo dependent on their son to a point that they start seeing any woman he wants to settle down with as a threat or an enemy, I was in a relationship with a senior son and a bread winner, each time he tells me his struggle I’ll cry, I wanted to be with him, fight with him and if God will we’ll get married because I love him, but he was too naive to see that his family doesn’t want a woman around him… His brother doesn’t answer me when I greet him, including some of his siblings and mum.

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I love his family but they don’t love me.. The only person that doesn’t have time for bad energy is his dad, his dad is kind to me … Imagine a guy that is going to 40years his family don’t want him to settle down except his dad… Hmmmm I fear people…. Later my boyfriend started seeing me as an enemy.

He stopped calling me.. I had to run for my life… Till today I still love him n I wanted to pamper him for life but their bad energy was beyond me…. I feel pity for him sha because they want to waste him but God will not allow and God will open his eyes.


That means those men won’t marry,. they will remain single all their lives because their families depend on them. But what about women who are breadwinners, I mean those that still feed their parents and siblings? Should men avoid them as well?

Even ladies that depended on their elder brothers for school fees, feeding and other essentials will still open their mouths to support this woman. See how women think, always one-sided, and unreasonable. They want men to give them everything even as they plan to give nothing back.

@VicM added:

There are 2 factor to it. The family’s behavior and the lady’s own. Some families will transfer the love they have for their brother who is doing well to the lady and would easily go to the lady first – if they need anything from their brother/son.

However, most ladies would get married and immediately think that the man’s family is disturbing with needs and would want to block them….without looking at where and what they have gone through before she came around. When the family starts a fight she jumps to complain.


That applies only when you are lazy and looking for a man to be your bank account instead of being a woman that reasonably supports herself, develops herself, and adds value to a man. Don’t be a liability to a man. Be self-sufficient and your man will appreciate, value and still support you.

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