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Negligence: Heartbroken Husband Calls Out PHC Hospital For ‘Murdering’ His Wife And The Baby In Her Womb

Negligence: Heartbroken Husband Calls Out PHC Hospital For ‘Murdering’ His Wife And The Baby In Her Womb

A bereaved husband has accused doctors at a Port Harcourt hospital of killing his pregnant wife and their unborn baby.

In a post shared online, the young widower, Johnny De Goodman explained that he took his wife to St. Martins hospital on November 6 to have their baby and the doctor told him his wife was 5cm dilated and needs her to be dilated 10cm before she will be taken to the delivery room.

By the morning of November 7, he said the doctor informed him that the baby was in distress and had defecated in the womb and there will be complications if surgery was not conducted.

He explained that he and his wife signed off on surgery but an hour after, his wife had not been wheeled in for surgery.

When he asked why, he said the doctor told him that other medics who needed to be present for the surgery were not around.

By 6am, he said he saw the doctor signing over to another doctor and when he inquired, the doctor told him his shift was over. The doctor also told him that his wife may not need surgery.

His wife was finally taken in for surgery by 8:30am, more than three hours after the previous doctor said she needed surgery urgently.

By 11 am, he said he was informed that his wife’s heart stopped beating after they gave her drugs in preparation for the surgery.

He blamed his wife and baby’s death on the doctors’ “carelessness, negligence, and wickedness”.

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Read the full story here:

“My wife was pregnant, Her due date was 29th October. She has passed her EDD as she was 40 weeks plus 3 days due.

She went for her routine check up and did scan last week Tuesday, 1st November 2022. The scan results confirmed that baby mother and child were all in perfect condition.

The doctor told her if she does not go into natural labour between that Tuesday till the end of the week, she should come with her bags the following week so as to be manually induced into labour.

So on Sunday night 6th November 2022 at about past 11pm she started having stomach pains.
Then we proceeded to the hospital.

We got to the hospital by 12 midnight and the doctor available told her she was 5 cm dilated and was already in labour.

They said she would need to get to 10cm dilated before she will be taking to delivery room.
By 2am, the doctor came to observe her and burst her water bag.

At about 5 am the doctor told me that the baby was in distress and defecated in my wife’s womb and said that if the baby stays any longer in the womb it will pose some future health threat to the child when delivered or the child might likely die in the womb. And recommended her for operation. I and my wife gave our consent immediately.

The doctor kept on delaying in commencing with the operation without any viable reason except that the gynaecologist and the team of doctors that would perform the operation need to arrive the theater.

By past 6 am I went again to meet the doctor to know why they are yet to commence the operation, I met him handing over to another consultant, asked him if he was leaving and he said he was done for the day.

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I asked him about the operation that he suggested, and he said it will soon commence and also told me that they may likely also reconsider her delivering normally without being operated.

I asked further if there was no cause for alarm considering the previous report he gave, and he said there was nothing to worry about. 8.15 am my wife, walked into the theater for the operation.

By past 11 am they came to tell me that they gave her drugs to prepare her for the operation and after some minutes, her heart stopped beating, her pulse stopped responding.

How can a woman that came into the hospital full of health and physically strong automatically stop beating immediately she was administered drugs on????

The doctors failed to bring out the baby from her womb even after when they confirmed to me that baby was still alive in the womb

The operation was not done, my wife gone, baby gone. They abandoned me, my wife’s lifeless body, our innocent unborn baby in the theater without anybody coming to give even a word of sympathy let alone explain to me what happened till this moment I write to the whole world.

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Human lives means nothing Nigerian Hospitals and there incompetent Doctors. Value for Humans lives are like mere laboratory tools to them.

St Martins Hospital Port Harcourt must pay for taking my wife away from me, killing our baby and exterminating my generation.”

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