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Halima Abubakar Makes More Shocking Revelation About Her Illicit Affair With Apostle Suleman, Shares Evidence

Halima Abubakar Makes More Shocking Revelation About Her Illicit Affair With Apostle Suleman, Shares Evidence

Halima Abubakar has again made more claims about her alleged affair with a clergyman, Apostle Johnson Suleman of Omega Fire Ministry.

Recall that the actress, 2022, alleged that she had an affair with the preacher because he told her he was a divorcee with three children.

Halima also accused the cleric of reneging on his promise to marry her and being behind an undisclosed life-threatening ailment that had plagued her for years.

Reacting to the series of allegations, Suleman sued Halima in court.

However, in a new Instagram live Video with Comedian Princess, the Nollywood actor who is clearly unbothered by the lawsuit filed against her by the clergyman, spilled more dirty secrets about their illicit affair.

Halima revealed that Apostle Suleman first reached out to her on phone to be his friend. They got talking for four months and he sent her 500,000 to show he was serious about his relationship with her.

The ailing actress insisted that she never knew Suleman was married as he told her that he was separated. Halima shockingly revealed that she pleaded with him on countless times to reconcile with his wife, but he remained adamant.

Halima claimed that Apostle Suleman proposed to her seven times but she rejected his proposal. Unbothered by the rejection, he involved the actress’s parents in their affair and had an official family introduction.

“Apostle Suleman first reached out to me on the phone to be his friend, we got talking for four months. One day he wired me N500000 to show he was serious and I saw him two weeks after that.

I did not know he was married. He told me he was separated. I used to beg him to go and settle with his wife but he said No. He proposed to me more than seven times. He involved my parents and met them for introduction. I never knew he was a Pastor.”

Speaking on their sexual life, Halima revealed that she discovered that every time they had sex, she would always bleed but since she wasn’t spiritual, she didn’t make much of it. She recalled:

“Every time I had intercourse with Suleman, I used to bleed afterwards. It got to a time I started bleeding everyday and I had a bloated tummy. The blood never stopped and he was still having sex with me like that.

I didn’t read any meaning to it because I wasn’t a spiritual person and he used to have sex with me during my period so I thought it was normal.”

She also revealed that she got pregnant with Mr. Suleman’s baby three times and that the last one resulted in complications for which she had to take medications.

“When I lost it, he was crying that I lost his child. You will think that it was real. I got pregnant three times, the last one left me bleeding, I had to take a tablet for it to stop.

I was bleeding for four years. He was sleeping with me even while I was bleeding, that is the dangerous part of it and he was telling me he can’t sleep with anybody, it was okay because it is me.

The whole thing caught me unaware, I was naive and was not a spiritual person. I did not know if it was love.

These are some of the pictures Suleman and I snapped together at a hotel on Valentine’s Day. He even sent me some of his personal pictures. He was 41 years old at the time. I have a printout of the bank transactions between us,”

she further claimed.

To prove herself, Halima shared old photos she took of the clergyman while in a hotel on Valentine’s day. She berated media personality, Daddy Freeze for pitching his tent with Suleman, who he is friends with.

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Halima added that she had a tattoo of his name on her hand when their relationship was good and when she discovered he was married, he calmed her down.

“I had a tattoo of Suleman’s name of my hand when the going was good. He never told me he was a pastor. He told me he was a motivational speaker and then a Sunday School teacher. When I later got to know, I asked him if he knew what we were doing was wrong, he said I AM HUMAN.”

Halima also shared her medical report to debunk reports of battling with autoimmune disease. She captioned it with,

“To those people that said I have autoimmune disease, this is my hospital report. All the auto immune Test and results.

Go look for who.”

This is coming hours after Apostle Suleman filed a lawsuit against the Nollywood star.

The father of four had dragged Halima to court for One Billion Naira over defamation of character. The suit accused Halima of publishing damaging, malicious, and defamatory statements about Apostle Suleman against his conduct.

The actress was also asked to make a retracting statement in some selected National Newspapers.

According to reports, the court case comes up 25th of March, 2023.

In 2021, Another Nollywood actress, Chioma Ifemeludike, claimed she was in a sexual relationship with the overseer of the Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide.

The actress and producer, who has been in the Nollywood industry for nine years, had revealed that she had no idea that the man of God was quite prominent at the time she had an intercourse with him.

Chioma on her Instagram page recalled that the first deal of her encounter of romp sex with the clergy was sealed through a hookup by another lady, Linda Clems, noting that at the second time, she clearly recognised him because they exchanged numbers during the first romp and communicated thereafter.

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In a video, she added that her public confession came after her spirit continued to torment her, and she needed to make restitution for her sin.

Also in February 2021, a former pastor of the Omega Fire Ministries, Mike Davids accused Suleman, of sleeping with his wife.

He added he was ready to expose the truth behind Stephanie Otobo’s sex scandal. The case of Otobo, a Canada-based singer, came up in 2017 and 2018 when she accused Suleman of a sexual relationship – a controversial scandal that plagued the church and attracted the attention of Nigerians for months.

Davids in a video had noted that he and Suleman both knew how they got Otobo to come to the church in Auchi, and apologised over the scandal and how they persuaded her mother too.

Davids had accused Suleman of sleeping with his wife, Faith Edeko, who currently heads an Abuja branch of the church.

He had said,

“I left the church (Omega Fire Ministries) of my freewill. You were never the one who sent me out of that ministry. I was tired of your ungodliness as a leader. And that was the major reason I left that ministry. So, forget those manipulations and cheap lies.

“We all know the part I played in the Stephanie Otobo saga. You know as much as I do. How much involved I was in bringing that saga to a halt. I don’t even need to mention names. You knew how we got Stephanie Otobo to come to the altar and apologise to mama (Suleman’s wife) and brought Stephanie Otobo’s mother to Auchi.

“I am coming to that issue because you are pushing me to that extent, Apostle Johnson Suleman as much as I knew what happened. Thirdly, I am also aware that my account has been frozen. You have also released policemen to get me arrested.

“You have 48 hours to ask those who are blocking my account to unblock it. You will not like what is going to follow.”

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In January 2018, Otobo accused Suleman of impregnating her and breaching a promise to marry her. She claimed she had sex romps with the pastor in Italy, New York and Nigeria.

Otobo said she had pictures of the pastor exposing his private parts, evidence of which it said would emerge in court.

In March 2017, a report was also released on how Suleman, who was at the center of an adultery scandal, gave a $76,000 brand-new Mercedes-Benz 450 GL to Nollywood star Daniella Okeke in 2016.

Ms. Okeke was previously named by Otobo, Apostle Suleman’s estranged lover, as being one of the other women in his life.

For her part, the actress in 2016 proudly displayed the Mercedes-Benz SUV GL 450 on her Instagram page in front of a brand-new house where she parked it.

After her name was revealed by Otobo at a press conference covered extensively by SaharaReporters, some Nigerians invaded Ms. Okeke’s Instagram questioning the source of her wealth given that she had not featured in any prominent movies in recent years.

The more inquisitive among them took advantage of a new website for vehicle registration in Lagos State which unveils the ownership of any vehicle by its number due to a bug on the web page, and discovered that one of Okeke’s most prized possessions, the posh Mercedes-Benz car, was registered to “Apostle Suleman Johnson.”

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