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‘I Paid Half Of My Bride Price And …’ – Korra Obidi Drops Bombshell On Her Marriage And Divorce

‘I Paid Half Of My Bride Price And …’ – Korra Obidi Drops Bombshell On Her Marriage And Divorce

Nigerian dancer and singer, Korra Obidi has dropped some bombshell revelations on her failed marriage and divorce.

Korra, who seemed to have followed in the footstep of Tonto Dikeh, claimed that she paid half of her bride price.

To top it off, the mother of two said she settled her ex-husband, Justin Dean with a hefty amount following their divorce. According to Korra, she paid $50k to him.

The entertainer made this known as she addressed those saying her ex-husband brought her out of poverty.

Korra and her estranged husband have been at social media war for some months now following their divorce revelation and children custody.

Following their divorce, fans of Justin have been trolling Korra alleging that he brought her out of poverty and gave her opportunities in the United state.

Addressing them, Korra questioned if she and her family looked poor as she revealed that she met her husband in China.

She claimed that she had to pay him $50,000 in a divorce settlement and he didn’t give her a dime. In her words:

“Do you realize I paid half of my bride price? He took me out of poverty? Does any part of my family look poor to you? Anyone thinking he saved me and put me in the land of opportunity… No, that’s not what happened we both met in China. I paid him 50,000 dollars, but he did not give me one dime. I had to settle him after divorce.”

This isn’t surprising as during the divorce, Justin had allegedly demanded spousal support.

Taking to her Facebook page where she broke down in tears over the unending drama, Korra stated that she tried believing in peaceful co-parenting, but her mindset had changed.

She claimed that her husband is demanding spousal support from her. According to her, her lawyer reached out to her, to alert her of his move.

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Korra lamented over how she has been taking care of the kids, paying for school fees and health insurance without a contribution from her ex.

The dancer added that Justin had asked for full custody of the kids but was denied.

Recall that after their divorce, Justin had threatened to sue Korra over her tell-all book. The professional dancer had released an autobiography, Korra is Live, where she talked about the abuse and belittling she suffered from her estranged husband.

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The book which is already a top seller on Amazon, tells her side of the story of her divorce, as well as covers her professional life.

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Reacting to it, Justin in a video uploaded on social media, revealed his plans to file a lawsuit against her. The doctor and therapist stated that he wasn’t going to read the book, but would press charges against her.

He went on to solicit support from his fans to subscribe to his channel.

Justin filed for divorce from Korra in March 2022, a few weeks after they welcomed their second child.

The couple’s divorce was finally finalized on November 19, 2022, with both of them sharing joint custody of their two daughters.

Korra, who was elated with the divorce, stated that she was open to moving on in peace with her ex, for the sake of the children.


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