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Celebrity Mom, Foluke Daramola Spills More On Staying In Abusive

Celebrity Mom, Foluke Daramola Spills More On Staying In Abusive

Nollywood actress, Foluke Daramola -Salako has further shares on her reasons behind the decision to persevere through her abusive marriage to first husband, Tunde Sobowale.

Foluke, who was married to Sobowale for four years, stated in an interview with TVC that she saw clear signs that he was abusive on their wedding night but she ignored it.

According to the mother of two, she was subjected to domestic abuse by her husband but did not end the marriage immediately because she was afraid of public criticism.

She said she was scared of what people would say if she had filed for a divorce after only a few months of marriage.

The Nollywood star added that when she eventually left the marriage in 2008, some people still insulted her without knowing what she had gone through at the hands of her spouse.

The 45-year-old thespian, who has since remarried her second husband, Kayode Salako, said,

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“My first marriage, on the night of my wedding was when I noticed abuse. But because of what people will say… And God has already orchestrated it because my wonderful kids are from the marriage.

“When I finally decided to step out [of the marriage], people did not understand why I stepped out. But I understood that I needed to go. A lot of people did not receive it well, but if I hadn’t stepped out, if I had died there, by now I would have been a forgotten case.

“So, it is better for people not to accept my reality or my truth but I accept my own truth than for me to lose my life in the process of trying to prove to the world what I’m going through.”

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