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Kaffy Schools A Female Fan On Complexities Of Marriage: ‘Mine Failed And Yours Will If …’

Kaffy Schools A Female Fan On Complexities Of Marriage: ‘Mine Failed And Yours Will If …’

Popular Nigerian dancer and entertainer, Kafayat Shafau, better known as Kaffy sparked reactions online after she took to the Threads app to discuss marriage and the importance of doing your homework before getting involved.

The celebrated dance queen had taken to the platform to share her thoughts on marriage, when a concerned fan opened up about his fears regarding marriage.

“The fear of marriage is the beginning of wisdom. So you can do due diligence,”

the divorced mother of two had written.

Reacting to the post, a Threads user identified as jayne_sammymere, lashed out at the dance queen for speaking negatively about marriage and attributed it to her divorce.

Recall that Kaffy opened about leaving her marriage in January 2022 after hinting that her husband, Joseph Ameh, slept with her best friend.

In light of this, the troll wrote,

“Nawa ooo, if e no work for you no mean say e no go work for others… marriage is a beautiful thing.”

This didn’t sit well with kaffy and she knocked the troll for trying to shame her for her divorce. Kaffy noted that just as her marriage collapsed, the one of the troll would also fall apart if caution wasn’t in place because many women desire a life of roses in marriage without realising they need to grow.

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She said that while terrible partnerships may contribute significantly to the community’s decadent mentality, marriage is a lovely thing.

The 43-year-old dancer wrote,

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“No one spoke about it not working or not being beautiful and yes mine failed and yours will if care isn’t taken cuz a lot of you ladies wish without realizing you need to learn and marriage though beautiful is a serious matter.

Bad relationships Is a major contributor to the decadence of mindset of the community . You learn the best from failure than success. Get your mind out of the clouds and face the reality of what is needed to ensure you even are yoked right. I am not ur enemy!”

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Read the exchange below,

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