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Nigerian Doctor Raises Alarm Over A Recent Photo Celebrity Dad, Rapper Olamide Shared Online

Nigerian Doctor Raises Alarm Over A Recent Photo Celebrity Dad, Rapper Olamide Shared Online

A Nigerian doctor has raised concerns about a recent photo shared online by popular Nigerian rapper, Olamide.

The YBNL boss and dad of two had teased his latest song with a controversial photo showing him holding the derriere of a white woman who is wearing only panties.

The photo quickly went viral and caught the attention of the doctor, who pointed out the presence of balloons and Nitrous oxide canisters near the bed where Olamide was seated.

Nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas, is a substance inhaled for its temporary effects of euphoria, relaxation, calmness, and a sense of detachment.

The doctor alleged that the substances were most likely pumped into the balloons for Olamide to inhale. Not stopping there, the doctor added that a number of celebrities will be affected if the country will win the war against hard substances.

The doctor also mentioned that he recently participated in a discussion with the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) about people using balloons.

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He strongly maintained that in order to effectively combat the issue of hard drugs in the country, Nigerians need to clamp down on celebrities.

He wrote on Twitter:

“We just finished a space with NDLEA about people doing Balloons. Peep the picture. See Cannisters of Nitrous oxide close to the bed. Obviously pumped into the balloon, Olamide is inhaling. I maintain if we all win a war on hard drugs. We need to clamp down on celebrities.”

In a subsequent post, the doctor shared a tweet where he explained further the damages that can be done to a person who ‘does balloons’.

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“Please read & share. Everyone needs to see this Seems a lot of people don’t know how dangerous Doing Balloons is. Mixed reactions trailed the recent artiste’s picture I will explain in the simplest way possible, also stories of people that died from balloons Here. Please read.

A teenager who got high on laughing gas mistakenly killed a Mum of three.

The list of death goes on and on. Now this what celebrities are introducing to us a big flex. Think about this before you experiment, It is high time NDLEA and other relevant bodies sweep into action before we start having deaths. Balloons might be the next Drug pandemic.”

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