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‘I Haven’t Seen My Kids In 7 Years’ -Daddy Freeze Reveals, As He Explains Why

‘I Haven’t Seen My Kids In 7 Years’ -Daddy Freeze Reveals, As He Explains Why

Nigerian on-air personality, Ifedayo Olarinde better known as Daddy Freeze has caused a stir online as he hinted at being a deadbeat father.

Freeze, while on a live video with comedian and single dad, Julius Agwu, revealed that he has not seen his children  in 7 years.

Freeze who is now remarried admitted that he hasn’t seen his kids, whom he shares with his ex-wife, Opeyemi for years and won’t be able to recognize them if he sees them on the street.

The media personality further stated that the only number that his children’s mother gave him to contact them was her number.

Despite it all, he stated that he is fine irrespective of the situation that he faces while adding that there is no need to be worried about him.

The controversial dad prayed that his children be alright, as he expressed assurance of their safety.

In his words,

“I never see my kids for seven years; everybody wey dey follow me know. If I see them for road, I no fit recognize them. The only number their mama give me to reach them na her number. I just pray they are okay. I am fine, if you all her worried about me, I am cool.”

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It’s worth noting that Freeze entered into matrimony with Opeyemi Olarinde, and their union resulted in the birth of two children. However, the couple went through a divorce in 2014, with both parties levying allegations of adultery and domestic violence against each other.

Reacting to his claims, many Nigerians slammed him over his flimsy excuse for not bonding with his children as they noted how he spends time with his stepchildren and also travels out of the country to hang out with stars.

One Soromoto Ochukwu wrote, “He can travel to go see Hushpuppi but not his kids in 7 years. Yet he’s Mr Know it all, Special Adviser on all matters.”

One Mschi Candy wrote, “This is so sad. Being a father to another man’s children and neglecting yours.”

Another, Ulofine wrote, “You are not a father because you both live in the same country. You can actually travel to see them. He sounds like he doesn’t care and that’s so sad.”

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One Dumebi Frank wrote, “Daddy Freeze this your excuse of not reaching your kids is alarming. Why not get them a phone and communicate with them whenever you wish, their mum must not get them a phone for you to have access to them na haba.”

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One Arikeeee wrote, “I guess your kids don’t want to see you too.”

One Call Me Jessii wrote, “And you are proudly saying it…. Mtchewwwwww.”



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