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‘Don’t Ever Relocate With Your Wife Abroad’ – Nigerian Man Tells Why As He Divides Social Media

‘Don’t Ever Relocate With Your Wife Abroad’ – Nigerian Man Tells Why As He Divides Social Media

A Nigerian man has shared a piece of advice with his fellow men who have intentions to relocate their wives abroad.

The young man identified as Julius Bokuru on Facebook disclosed that one of the greatest mistake a man can make is to relocate their wife to join them abroad.

According to Julius, countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, and Holland are countries that give too much power to women.

He disclosed that most of these women relocated to the countries mentioned above end up abusing the power given to them.

He wrote on his page;

“Don’t ever relocate with your wife to USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France and Holland. You go explain tire. They give women too much power. And a woman will always abuse power.”

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Reacting to the post,

One Hadissa wrote:

They give women too much power or they accord women the rights owed to them that your country fails to accord them? Anyways the person who typed this post is probably not intelligent enough to comprehend this.

Another, Almond wrote:

Am a lawyer who live in America. They don’t give women “too much power”. Na mostly immigrant and men when no know themselves they allow women play them for abroad. As for the countries you just mention, there is no where in their law or constitution that says women has more power or right over men.

If there is any, pls show me. Imagine a man buying a house with his wife name, just bcos his own credit is bad. When there is wahala burst it becomes a problem to retrieve and you blame the country for it? Yes just like children, women and other vulnerable groups have protection from abuse, but it doesn’t mean if they the women abuse you they won’t go in for it. So know yourself, know the law.

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@Bamii added:

Actually they don’t give women more powers than men. It’s just that Oyibo people allow people to live foolish lives. No thanks their social services and NGOs that want to remain relevant.

Black women tend to exploit this opportunity more than men. For example, if the man chooses to fool around while the woman works and the man claims abuse, the government will still listen to him. The issue is that men easily let go. On the other hand, women can drag men at any slightest opportunity even in Nigeria.

@Silva wrote:

Why does female power worry you so much, if you’ve acted right it would be a plus to you to have an empowered woman.

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