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Veteran Actress, Uche Ebere Chides Skit Maker, Kiekie Over Her Reason For Splitting Bills With Her Husband

Veteran Actress, Uche Ebere Chides Skit Maker, Kiekie Over Her Reason For Splitting Bills With Her Husband

Veteran Nollywood actress, Uche Ebere had slammed popular skit maker, Kiekie over her reason for splitting bills with her husband.

The married mom of one had earlier revealed the state of finances in her home. During a recent interview with media personality, Toke Makinwa, Kiekie revealed that she splits all the bills with her husband ranging from nanny bills to dry cleaning services.

She said there is no way she would allow her husband bear all the financial burdens of their home. The content creator went on to talk about her decision to share and split bills with her husband, providing a more stable partnership.

Kiekie emphasized that, in her view, it’s important for both partners to contribute financially when sharing a household.

She went on to say that splitting the rent makes her feel more comfortable in her own home. She stated that, when you’re paying the rent, your husband cannot tell you to get out of the house. This is because she contributed for half of it. She said in part:

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“It is not possible. So that when we want to fight, you will carry the chair, and I will carry the table or any other thing because we are both paying house rent. We will share everything equally, you can’t tell me to ‘get out of your house.”

Her statement of splitting bills with her husband, in case of divorce, didn’t sit well with the veteran, who chided her.

She questioned why she would be married and thinking about divorce while advising her to build her home on positivity.

“She spoilt the whole good points when she said, “So when they’re splitting as in divorce or separation, the man will carry this while she will carry that”.

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So she is in the marriage and having the mindset of divorce or separation anytime, which isn’t supposed to be so. Build your home on positivity and that’s it. God is on the wheel.”

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