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‘My Mom Is The Reason I’m Poor’ – Nigerian Man Laments As He Shares His Heartbreaking Story 

‘My Mom Is The Reason I’m Poor’ – Nigerian Man Laments As He Shares His Heartbreaking Story 

A Nigerian man has broken down in tears as he shares his regret over his mother’s decision that changed his future

The man tearfully recounted how his mother’s opposition to his recruitment into the army years ago left him impoverished and alone today.

According to him, his mother stood against him joining the military because he’s her only child.

He attributed his current situation to the missed opportunity that could have provided him with a better life. In his words:

“My Mother is the reason I am poor today in Life Many years ago. My Uncle who is a 3 Star General Wanted to Recruit me into the army but my Mother stood against it because I am her only Child, fast forward to today I am extremely poor and all alone in this Life.”

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The video captured the man’s raw emotions as he expressed deep pain and regret. His tears served as a poignant reminder of the impact that life-altering decisions can have on one’s future.

Netizens were moved by his vulnerability and shared their empathetic responses in the comment section.

The emotional video has garnered significant attention from netizens, who have flooded the comment section with messages of encouragement.

Many expressed their understanding of his mother’s reason for making such a decision. Some also said that his mother is not the reason as he had a decade and more to work hard and alleviate poverty in his life.

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@wizzv121212 said: “Listen anything your mum did is for the best, you blame your mum because she didn’t let you join military then what have you been doing all this years to better yourself as a man, maybe you wouldn’t be alive if you’ve joined the army sometimes things happen for a reason but most importantly be grateful for life! Plz check my page and support the process am open to follow back!”

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@rosythrone said: “In as much I’d like him to remove the blaming mindset he has, parents shouldn’t determine wat he’ll become even though it’s risky. Determination means a lot.”

@xpensive_fatima commented: “Make I no talk weti Dey my mind before they’ll say I’m not a good person.”

@okipro reacted: “Maybe you would have been dead by joining the army but now you still alive so be thankful to God because everything happens for a reason.”

@smood_ng reacted: “You can’t blame your parents for the choice they made for you when u were little . This man is almost 40, what did you do with the remaining over 20 years you had on your hand.”

@princetheophiluz commented: “After 30years you have no right to blame anybody for your failure.. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY.”

@joepearI1 commented: “It’s well, but stop hurting yourself and your mum, focus and everything will be fine.”

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