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Nigerian Woman Narrates How She Saved Her Marriage After She Caught Her Husband Of 15 Years Cheating With His Colleague

Nigerian Woman Narrates How She Saved Her Marriage After She Caught Her Husband Of 15 Years Cheating With His Colleague

A Nigerian woman has revealed how she saved her 15-year marriage after discovering her husband was cheating.

The lady, @Akanbi_Semilore shared her story in response to a question asked on X, formerly known as Twitter.

@Khanofkhans11_ had asked: “How did you find out they were cheating on you?”

According to Semilore, she suspected her husband was cheating on her and due to this suspicion, she took some steps.

Writing further, she said her husband might have lied to his co-worker about his relationship status, and one day when he returned from work, he ate his food and fell asleep while chatting on WhatsApp with the said woman.

While he was asleep, she took his phone and changed the WhatsApp profile picture to that of herself and her baby.

This move made him come back the next day, reject her food, and go straight to bed.

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In her words:

“My husband was seeing his colleague in his office. He probably lied to her that he’s single. He came back, ate his dinner, and fell asleep while chatting.

I changed his WhatsApp profile picture to my picture carrying our baby, and he went to bed. The next day, he came back, rejected my food.

15 yrs now and still waxing stronger… I no get strength to dey fight my husband over a side chick. Na to spoil his investment from inside.”

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The lady’s statement has attracted reactions online, with many people taking to the comment page to share their views on her method.

@NwaforPatrick: “This is a non-violent way of solving a cheating husband problem, very smart.”

@Msmenalicious: “Omo coming to twitter to tell strangers your husband cheated on you while you were nursing a baby and still waxing strong in the marriage is a bold thing.. Well done.” 

@UjunwaEzendiok1: “Men have seen the kind of women they want in this life. Look at them in the comment section. Haaaa men n cheating na 5&6.” 

@DayoCFC: “You get sense my auntie. All the ladies crying here. When it’s your turn, go and fight in your husband’s office.”

@Nurudee38611704: “Poor man, do u know what he’s invested in that “colleague”? All that wàhálà, gone poof!”

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