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Uche Ogbodo Sends Some Advice To Parents Who Bleach Their Babies’ Skin: ‘I’m Very Angry Right Now’

Uche Ogbodo Sends Some Advice To Parents Who Bleach Their Babies’ Skin: ‘I’m Very Angry Right Now’

New mum, Uche Ogbodo has blown hot at parents who bleach their children’s skin.

Taking to her Instagram page to vent, the Nollywood actress expressed how angry she is at such parents as she informed them that their kids don’t look good with discoloration and sunburn going to school and back.

The mother of three also told such parents that a baby’s skin is meant to be treated as a baby’s skin and as such they should stop using harmful chemicals on their babies and children.

“My Advice to Parents that Bleach their Children, Because I’m very Angry Right now. Your Kids don’t look good with Discoloration and sunburn going to school and back! ……. Please A Baby Skin is meant to Be treated as a Baby skin! Stop using harmful Chemicals on your Babies and Children!”

Many Nigerians via her comment section concurred with her advice as they shared their experiences with such parents.

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Actress, Yetunde Bakare wrote, “This right here. I almost yab one woman but then I’m like what’s my own? If you want a light-skinned baby why not marry a fair partner instead of destroying an innocent baby’s skin.

Comedienne Warri Pikin added, “Ah! Nawa o

Actress Mary Lazarus wrote, “True

One Ogonimi wrote, “This particular conversation eh, it breaks my heart each time I see a child with multiple colors. Likes I get so angry about this. Ur baby is not fair at all but all of a sudden u want that baby to be fair?? Make it make sense pls

Another One Love Sandra wrote, “It’s sickening really, and also the type of hairstyle they do for kids these days is worrisome

@Oremeyi Osifo wrote, “This one everybody is saying tell Dem oo. Louder pls. Who is bleaching their kids?

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@Limitless Ajanigo Simeon wrote, “I thought I was the only one wondering

One Ugegbe Oyibo added, “Do not let your insecurities reflect on your children. Key point.

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One Capture By also wrote, “As a child photographer I see this almost every month a toddler already has blemishes knuckles looking dark. It’s really so annoying for real”.

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