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Aisha Yesufu Addresses Gender Responsibility In Marriage As She Talks About How She’s Training Her Male And Female Children

Aisha Yesufu Addresses Gender Responsibility In Marriage As She Talks About How She’s Training Her Male And Female Children

Nigerian activist, Aisha Yesufu has spoken out on the equality and responsibility of a man and woman in their marriage.

Aisha, who has been happily married for over two decades, shared her views amid the trending online conversation about a woman waking up by 4am to cook her husband’s lunch so he won’t keep eating his female colleague’s food.

The woman’s story led to conversations about sacrifices in marriage and how women are mostly the ones expected to compromise and make sacrifices.

Sharing via her X platform, Aisha who is popularly known for political activism and advocacy gave her opinion on how each gender should behave in marriage making reference on how she trained her children.

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The businesswoman and mother of two wrote;

“I have two children. Male and female. 24 and 22. I brought the male up to know he has no right to anyone cooking or cleaning for him. He has his two hands. I also brought the female up to know that she has not right to anyone paying her bills. She has a brain.

Entitlement mentality has ruined many relationships. People refuse to look at the strength and weaknesses of their spouses and insist on their rights even when it is not the strength of their spouses. They then wonder why they have resentful spouse.”

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In response to her tweet, some tweeps believe one gender is superior to another in marriage and responsibility should be shared, while others question her belief.

See comments below;

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@MonicaGhinsel: Biblically ma’am, we are not taught like that, women are home keepers and the men providers. If they two spouse are helping each other in their roles fine, but doesn’t make the woman to feel she is the same with her husband or make the man feel he can leave his responsibility to the woman.

@SamTochi3: This is how it is supposed to be in every home gone are the days when they used to say that a particular chores belongs to the boys while the other belongs to the girls

@saleem_bawah: I still wonder which faith you dey for. Becos neither Christianity Nor Islam approve of such nonsense. Yes, it’s good to all of them to ne independent, but it’s clear, women are home-keepers and it is mandatory, and a Must for the most closest male relative to cater for a woman’s need, whether brother, husband guardian or anyone must pay her bills.


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