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Who Cooks At Home? These Men Pushing to Change the Narrative of Gender Roles Are a Breath of Fresh Air

Who Cooks At Home? These Men Pushing to Change the Narrative of Gender Roles Are a Breath of Fresh Air

A Twitter user, Ifeanyi Nsofor with the handle @ekemma is calling on Nigerian textbook publishers to change the narrative of gender roles in the home.

Citing an encounter with his daugher, the father of a five-year-old pointed out why Nigerian publishers ought to stop teaching children via text books that the place of a woman is to take care of a home while Daddy’s place is to go to work.

@ekemma tweeted.

”Doing English comprehension homework with my 5-year old daughter. Father goes to work. Daughter goes to school.

Mum stays at home to clean the house. Deeply disappointed that Nigerian textbooks still push this narrative of women only good for doing home chores. This MUST change.”

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Reacting to the tweets, a Nigerian Dad Fatoki Taiye Timmy @lagbenjo tweeted;

”My princess was giving an assignment. One of the questions was about who cooks at home.She wrote Daddy, because I do cook for the family too. She was marked wrong, then she asked me why. I explained to her, followed her to school, explained to d teacher and changed the narratives.

Glad I changed her mind to reason with today’s reality. Women ain’t created to cook, we all can cook. I want my male child when I have one to be able to support his wife, just like I’ll love my Princess’ husband to support her the way I have been supporting my wifey.”

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Recall that in 2016, #wifenotcook trended on Nigeria’s social media space, after popular socialite Noble Igwe, who was made an ambassador for Casper & Gambini’s restaurant in Lagos, shared a photo of his breakfast at the restaurant.

The photo got the attention of his Instagram follower, who was quick to point out that he is fond of eating in a restaurant and not eating at home. The follower, a lady, went on to ask if his new wife is not cooking for him at home.

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The reply Noble gave her, got him lots of applause and also a lot of backlash from other Instagram users. While his reply was heavily sarcastic, it showed that Noble Igwe is one of the 21st-century type of husband.
“Wife, not cook. How can I get my wife to cook for me after painting her nails? Does that even make sense? A woman will make her hair, paint her nails and then slave in the kitchen? I’m eating here hoping to be made an ambassador one day,” the father of one responded.
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  • This old tradition should stop, children of these days shouldn’t have the same mindset we had while growing up.

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