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Reactions As Relationship Coach, Amara Nwosu Remarries Her First Husband After Two Failed Marriages 

Reactions As Relationship Coach, Amara Nwosu Remarries Her First Husband After Two Failed Marriages 

Relationship coach, Amara Nwosu has set tongues wagging after she announced her remarriage to her first husband, who she earlier accused of domestic violence.

Amara, who was married twice after leaving her first husband, has returned to him and didn’t hesitate to let the world know about their reunion.

Amara Nwosu had married U.S based Nigerian businessman, Francis Van Lare a.k.a Poi Master, after leaving her first marriage.

In Facebook posts she shared at the time, she claimed her first marriage was arranged and she was subjected to domestic abuse.

Following the end of her second marriage, her ex-husband at the time, Francis Van Lare alleged that she and the children she had in her first marriage, assaulted him repeatedly.

He also alleged that she tried getting all her properties, used him to get the U.S citizenship, before getting married to an American Pastor.

Amara has now confirmed that she is back with her first husband by sharing a loved-up photo of them on Facebook with a caption about the heavens rejoicing.

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In a message to her fans, Amara admonished them to stop trying to understand the ways of God in her life as she herself doesn’t understand it. All she knows is that she has been declared a ruler with grace right in her mother’s womb.

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To prove her love for her husband, the mother of four updated her Facebook header with a photo of her, her first husband, and their children.

“While the devil and his cohorts are mourning, heaven and all lovers of good things are rejoicing.
Like I always say, stop trying to understand the ways of God in this very person; she herself does not understand it.

All she knows is that she was declared a ruler with grace, right in her mother’s womb.
Got questions? Ask God!”

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Taking to the comment section, many questioned if the relationship coach had falsely accused her then-husband of domestic violence.

One Thompson Taiwo wrote, “But you accused your first husband of domestic violence. Did you like them to get sympathy? What has changed?

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Another, Nessa Hirsha wrote, “Oh, and don’t forget how she alleged the first husband was physically and mentally abusing her and she also wrote a book detailing the abuse. Her whole Facebook fake is built on How God saved her from this same man she has gone back to.

One Nelly added: “That’s the right thing to do. Again, the grass is always greener on the other side and she can confirm her folly.”

@BlakJ wrote: “And she’s supposed to be a relationship coach? You people that listen to motivational speakers online, listen at your own risk. Confused people.”

One Luchy Claire added, “You see first love, it’s so hard to get over. Even moving on from it’s headache.”

One Mr Kdon wrote, “Low self-esteem man. Em fit no survive dix time around.”

@Kaz added: “As a man, me I can’t take such back sha, cos it won’t last. A wife that has been gbenshed by 2 other men will now return as wife again? Them for just remain as friends with benefit. But not surprised sha, an old man that can publish names of women she slept with has no shame or integrity. Nothing Edu no go see as minister.”

One Ndubuisi Justin wrote, “So people are now allowed to pass their wives around and get them back. I no understand this nonsense.”

One Peaceful Baddie wrote, “Relationship coach that can’t even teach herself okay”.


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