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‘I Got Married A Virgin But…’ – Actress, Sarah Martins Challenges Solomon Buchi Assertion That Virgin Women Have Lowest Divorce Rates

‘I Got Married A Virgin But…’ – Actress, Sarah Martins Challenges Solomon Buchi Assertion That Virgin Women Have Lowest Divorce Rates

Nollywood actress, Sarah Martins has challenged the assertion of popular life coach, Solomon Buchi that virgins have the lowest divorce rate.

A few days ago, Buchi who recently got married to a virgin, had argued on Twitter that statistics back up the notion that people who stay in monogamous, low-key relationships and are virgins are more satisfied in their marriages and are therefore less likely to file for divorce.

Buchi’s response is spurred by a tweet from an X user as regards marrying a virgin.

Explaining the dynamics, Buchi said that virgins have the lowest divorce rates, citing a 65% probability of having a happy marriage for women who marry as virgins.

He shared insights from the Institute for Family Studies, claiming that non-virgins are more likely to experience issues such as low self-esteem, academic failure, and poor relationship decisions.

According to his findings, most sexual problems in marriages stem from past sexual experiences.

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He had written:

“Virgins have the lowest divorce rates. Women who married as virgins have a 65% chance of having a very happy marriage than their non-virgin counterpart. “When it comes to sex, less experience is better, at least for the marriage,” – institute for family studies.

“71% of men who have only slept with their spouse reported satisfaction with their marriage, while 64% of women who’ve only had sex with their spouse say they’re happy in their marriage.

“Women who’ve had 6 to 10 sexual partners were 13 percent less likely to report marital happiness. For men who have slept with more than 21 partners, they were 15 percent less likely to say they were satisfied with their marriage.

“Non-virgins are projected to suffer more economic lack, low self-esteem, academic failure, and bad relationship choices.

“In this pornographic world, virginity is proof of discipline and focus. If anyone should be embarrassed, it should be the other party that revels in sexual promiscuity.

“There’s nothing shameful about marrying on a clean slate. Most sexual problems in marriage stem from past sexual experiences.

Lastly, even if there was no benefit of virginity, we ought to stay virgin till marriage because God commanded it. God is wise, I’ll rather follow him, than follow the bandwagon. Stop trying to ridicule virtue just because you lack it.”

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But Sarah Martins refuted Buchi’s assertions with anecdotal evidence. She said that she got married at the age of 19 while still a virgin, but she made it clear that this did not stop her from having to make the tough choice to leave her husband when her health was in jeopardy.

Miss Martins feels that being a virgin does not ensure a long-lasting marriage, even if she was a faithful, obedient, and industrious wife during her marriage.

“I am still a loyal, submissive, respectful, hardworking woman. Getting married as a virgin will never stop you from getting a divorce if the need arises.. if e no good for your health quit!,”

Martins said in part.

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