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Kanayo O. Kanayo Issues Strong Warning To Parents: ‘Question The Source Of Your Children’s Wealth’

Kanayo O. Kanayo Issues Strong Warning To Parents: ‘Question The Source Of Your Children’s Wealth’

Popular Nigerian actor and lawyer, Kanayo O. Kanayo has dished out an advice to all parents in a recent event.

The event which as shared on social media, sees the 61-year-old veteran who is also a parent, advising other parents as he admonishes them against collecting monetary and expensive gifts from their children without questioning how they got them.

The multi talented movie star while speaking at a gathering recently, expressed that parents who are not mindful of accepting expensive gifts from their kids, especially when they are not actively doing anything substantial will not live long if they continue in such acts.

He gave an example of a girl walking up to her mother to give her mother a phone or a very hefty cash prize with the mother knowing that the girl is not doing anything that would guarantee her such money.

Advising further, he disclosed that parents should try to inculcate the habit of questioning their kids on where and how they are getting the things that they bring home because their lackadaisical attitude will be breeding more corrupt mindsets in their children.

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In his words:

“Your daughter is 20, she doesn’t work and she is using a phone that costs N1.5 m and you start shouting Praise God, my daughter has bought a phone and then she gifts you N100,000 and you fail to ask questions.

You wouldn’t live long. That is what is killing a lot of parents. Your son who is not working comes with some money, a car, and you do not ask questions. I am warning you.”

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