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Nigerian Woman Lists Seven Hacks Single Women Can Use Into Deceiving Nigerian Men Into Marriage

Nigerian Woman Lists Seven Hacks Single Women Can Use Into Deceiving Nigerian Men Into Marriage

An unapologetic Christian feminist has given her fellow gender a couple of hacks into deceiving Nigerian men into marriage.

@DWhytewolf on X (Twitter) who hails from the Northern part of the country and also happens to be a medical doctor, is quite certain that Nigerian men are gullible and rather easy to deceive and should a woman be seeking marriage to a man, she need not do much but follow some guidelines she laid out on the microblogging platform.

The feminist’s guideline came after a different Twitter user had aired their opinion that some men —presumably entertainers— use “baddies to push a promiscuous” agenda but end up marrying well behaved women.

This user was reacting to a now viral video of music sensation, Kizz Daniel and his wife. The Twitter user had written,

“They use the baddies to push promiscuity and all sorts then marry the total well behaved woman and live happily ever after. To stay for township, na wisdom them Dey use.”

In a counter notion to the user’s statement, @DWhytewolf said most Nigerian men are actually easy to deceive. She further revealed that all it takes is a couple of pretentious attitudes and they’ll rope in their lifelong partner.

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According to @DWhytewolf, all the woman has to do for a man to propose is to engage in modest activities, like dressing decently, not wearing makeup and cooking for him.

She also stated the avoidance of drinking and smoking, as well as refusal to argue with him, as the other ways single ladies can use to deceive men into marrying them.

She wrote in her tweet,

“It’s so easy to deceive Nigerian men.. when you’re ready to marry.

Start dressing modest.

Reduce make up.


Be gentle, don’t argue too much.

Stay home a lot.

Don’t be on social media.

Don’t drink or smoke.

I swear you’ll deceive any of them that you are good. Lmao gullible lot.

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“For those who don’t get it and are saying all sorts, I do not consider the listed things a mark of a good woman. Not in the slightest.

The point is, men do, and hence you’ve given the blue print to the women who would use it to deceive you. Say what you may, it’s the truth.”

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