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Ebuka Obi-Uchendu And Wife Reveal ‘Unique’ Way They Settle Marital Conflicts

Ebuka Obi-Uchendu And Wife Reveal ‘Unique’ Way They Settle Marital Conflicts

Celebrity couple, Ebuka and Cynthia Obi-Uchendu have revealed the unique strategies they adopt in settling their marital conflicts.

The couple recently responded to some intimate inquiries from Cynthia’s YouTube viewers. Some fans asked how they deal with conflicts in their marriage.

Ebuka and his wife stressed the significance of being around one another and communicating while addressing their differences.

The TV host started,

“I think we made a conscious decision very early in our marriage regarding some things that maybe helped us because nobody knew this marriage thing from the start. Now we’re eight years strong going on nine and we’re still learning plenty of lessons.”

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He stressed that no matter the gravity of their disagreement or how mad they are at each other, he and his wife always sleep in the same bed.

The dad of two added,

“One thing we always said is no matter what it is we’re always going to spend the night on the same bed. So no matter how you are boiling, you would still feel that person’s body bedside you. So we spend the night every night together so far we’re in the same city.”

In conclusion, he highlighted the importance of communication in their marriage, revealing how they learned to always talk through their issues.

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“We have also perfected the art of someone coming forward to say ‘Okay, what just happened?’ And we have a conversation about it.

So we learned from our errors and mistakes. Your egos might get in the way sometimes, especially when you feel like you’re not the one who did wrong, but we’ve perfected it,”

said the media personality.

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Cynthia added, “We talk things through,” to which Ebuka responded, “Yeah.”

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